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Урок з англійської мови "Подорож" - Реферат

з англійської мови
у 7 класі
на тему:
Урок - рольова гра в 7-му класі
- систематизувати навички діалогічного та монологічного мовлення з тем "Подорож", "Вокзал", "Місто";
- розвивати навички колективної роботи, логічне мислення, навички аудіювання, мовленнєву реакцію; прищеплювати інтерес до вивчення іно-земних мов, зокрема англійської;
- розширювати кругозір учнів.
Обладнання: наочність з тем "Подорож", "Вокзал", "Місто", магніто-фон.
Хід уроку
Цитата на дошці: Just look at the road, don't worry about where it's going.
1. Фонетична зарядка. "Where do we go ...".
2. Вступ до теми.
T: Look at the quotation. Let's read and translate it. How can you understand
it? Do you like to travel? Shall we continue speaking about trips today? Let's review
vocabulary on this topic.
3. Мовленнєва зарядка.
Подорож, вокзал, за кордоном, їхати кудись, діставатися якомога швидше, літаком, поїздом, на кораблі, пішки, на машині, мати переваги, най-швидший спосіб подорожі, пасажирські поїзди, вагон-ресторан, спізнитися на поїзд, зупинитися за бажанням, у відрядження, заради задоволення, сісти на поїзд.
4. Колективна робота.
T. to P,: Have you ever travelled?
P1: Yes, I have travelled a lot.
1T. Natasha, have you ever travelled by train?
1P2: I travelled by train last year. I went to Kyiv to my aunt.
T: Vita, ... .
5. Рольова гра "Інтерв'ю".
Very nice, thank you. I know that Sergey has travelled a lot, haven't you, Sergey? Let's ask him questions about his travelling. Come here and sit down, please. All of you will be reporters. You should make reports to the newspaper about his journey.
- What countries have you been to?
- What cities did you see?
- Did you travel by car, by bus, by plane, or on ship?
- What interesting places did you see?
- Did you buy single or return ticket?
- Whom did you travel with?
- What did you see on your way?
- How long did your journey last?
- Did you enjoy your trip? Etc.
6. Конкурс на крашу статтю про подорож (домашнє завдання).
Now, some of youwill summerize the story about Sergey's trip. At home you have to write an article about Sergey's journey.
7. Практика монологічного мовлення.
While they are preparing their article, we shall speak on "How to make a trip". Recollect the topics you have learned (p. 59) and the topic in your vocabularies.
Lena, will you tell us about travellings; Alina will you speak about planes;
Gleb, your task is travelling by trains; Sasha, travellings by car; Alesha, you will tell us how to make a trip.
8. Практика аудіювання.
Listen to the dialogue. Let's act out this dialogue.
9. Рольова гра.
(Дійові особи.)
1. The traveller at the railway station.
2. The clerk at the booking-office.
3. Two friends who hurry to the railway station.
4. Two strangers in a city.
5. A passer-by.
The traveller at the railway station
*Ask the clerk at the booking-office for tickets. You need two tickets to Manchester, one single and one return.
The clerk at the booking-office
*Give the traveller two tickets and his change.
Miss B. works in pair with Mr. A
*You feel pity you have missed the train. Ask Mr. A. about the time. You are afraid you'll miss the train again.
Mr. A. works in pair with Miss В
*You don't feel afraid to miss the train. They run every 3 minutes. Your train leaves at 11. It is 5 min to 10. You will be at the station in 10 nun.
You are a stranger in the city. You are on business here
*You can't tell the way to the post-office.
You are a stranger in the city. You travel for pleasure
*1) Ask the passer-by if there is a bus to the Opera House. Ask him where the nearest bus-stop is.
2) Ask a person (a stranger) in the street if there is a post-office near by. Thank him.
You are a passer-by
*A stranger asks you about the bus to the Opera House. Any bus will take him from here to the Opera House. Tell him the way to the bus-stop.
10. Підсумки уроку.
На сьогоднішньому уроці ми підбили підсумки вивчення теми "Подорож".
T. Can we buy a ticket at the booking office?
Can we ask for directions hi a city?
Can we address people?
We aren't afraid of theroad, are we?
Very well, thank you for the lesson.