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Урок-змагання The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland - Реферат

The United Kingdom
of Great Britain
and Nothern Ireland
Цілі: практична - узагальнити і закріпити в усному та писемному мовленні лексико-граматичний матеріал за темою "Great Britain: England, Scotland, Wales; удосконалити усно-мовленнєві вміння учнів;
освітня - розширити кругозір учнів у межах теми;
розвиваюча - розвивати вміння учнів здійснювати мовленнєву діяльність, розвивати самостійність у праці, навички само - та взаємоконтролю;
виховна - виховувати допитливість, спостережливість, увагу; заохочувати до пошуку нових знань;
Обладнання - роздавальний матеріал (картки з граматичним завданням і словами для складання речень, - для малювання символів Англії, Шотландії, Уельсу і словами для опису цих слів); кросворд; географічна карта Об'єднаного Королівства Великобританії та Північної Ірландії; кольоровий картон, папір, зелені та червоні ручки, фломастери.
Хід уроку
Teacher (T): - Good afternoon, everybody! Get ready for the lesson. We've learnt the themes "England", "Scotland", "Wales". We've learnt a lot about Great Britain. It's such an interesting country, isn't it? Today we have to revise the material we discussed at the previous lessons. And it will be an unusual lesson. Let us have a competition. Do you like this idea? So let's make two teams and now, of course, we have to choose the captains.
I. Choosing the captains.
T: Now I'll say a few words about the country and you have to name it. Try to guess. He or she, who knows th.e,an-swer - put up your hand quietly. Is it clear?
The task for Team 1.
This country is famous for its beautiful scenery: valleys, mountains, rivers. In the country there is the second highest mountain in Britain. In this country you can follow the narrow rocky paths in the Snowdonia National Park. What coun-try is it? (Wales)
The task for Team 2.
This country is situated to the North of England. The capital of this country is known as Athens of the North because it has a great past. In this city there is a monument to the famous writer Sir Walter Scott. What country is it? (Scotland)
(Two best pupils from Team 1 and Team 2 become the captains).
So you are the captains and you have to choose the colour for your team. Take out any card you want.
O'K. Your colour will be red and your colour will be green. And according to this you will get green or red pens.
II. Test: What do we know about Great Britain?
T: You already know a lot about Great Britain and its people, but some things are easily forgotten. Let us brush up your knowledge of this country. So take these sheets of paper and your pens. You have to write down the number of the question and the right letter. Make the right choice: a, b, c, or d. Listen to me carefully. (See Appendix 1).
And now give your sheets of paper to the other team and receive their sheets of paper. Check up the answers and sum up the mistakes. Now look at the keys on the blackboard and compare the answers. So, the points are: Team 1 - , Team 2 - .
III. Quiz.
Now we proceed to the next task. You have prepared some questions about Great Britain. So ask each other questions one by one. Let's begin with Team. . . You'll get 1 point
for each right answer. (See Appendix 2).
IV. The Grammar task.
1) The next task will be connected with grammar. You've learnt the phrasal verb to look. So let us check up your knowledge. We'll give you a number of separate words with this verb. You must choose the right words and make two correct sentences out of them. Then read and translate the sentences.
For example:
/looks up//the new words//she//his glasses//he//is looking for/
/in the dictionary//everywhere/
1. She looks up the new words in the dictionary.
2. He is looking for his glasses everywhere.
2) And what do you know about the Complex Object? Could you write the sentences with the Complex Object in the Active and Passive Voice? We'll give you the cards with the task. You have to complete the table. So, let us start. You have three (four) minutes. Now let us check up this grammar exercise. You'll get 1 point for each right sentence. (See Appendix 3).
V. The captains' contest.
Now it is our captains' turn. What can you tell us about Scotland and Wales? Choose any card you want and show it to everybody. So the captain of Team 1 will tell us about Scotland and the captain of Team 2 has to ask him 2 questions about this country, O'K?
And now the captain of Team 2 will tell us about Wales. You'll get one point for your pronunciation, one more point-for your questions, and one more point - for your answers. For example, the questions for the captain of Team 1 are:
1. What is one of the best known monuments in Edinburgh?
2. What is the Edinburgh military tattoo?
And the questions for the captain of Team 2 are:
1. Who is the patron saint of Wales?
2. What is the national game of Wales?
VI. The symbols of the countries.
We need two artists from each team for the next contest. Do you know the symbols of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland? Take these sheets of paper and use many-coloured pens. You must draw:
1) for Team 1-the symbols of England and Wales;
2) for Team 2-the symbols of Scotland and Ireland.
You have to write their names too.
Show us your pictures, please, and read the names of these symbols. You get 1 point for each symbol.
The symbol of England is a rose. The symbol of Ireland is a shamrock. The symbol of Wales is a daffodil. The symbol of Scotland is a thistle.
VII. The crossword puzzle.
Look at the blackboard, please. You can see the crossword there with the definitions of each word. Can you complete the puzzle? You'll get 1 point for each right answer. The definitions:
1) the industrial centre of Scotland (Glasgow)
2) the oldest part of Edinburgh (Castle)
3) the most picturesque part of the Royal Mile (Cannongate)
4) the symbol of Scotland (thistle)
5) the capital of Scotland (Edinburgh)
6) the county called the "garden of England" (Kent)
7) one of the Celtic languages (Welsh)
8) the capital of Wales (Cardiff)
3 G
2 C A S T L E
A A 4
5 E D I N B U R G H H
6 K E N T 7 W E L S H
8 C A R D I F F L
VIII. Who will be the best actor?
And now our next contest. You had to learn the dialogues by heart for today. Let us act these dialogues out and see who will be the best actor. Let's begin with Team...
1) The dialogue "A Holiday in Scotland".
2) The dialogue "A Trip to Wales" (See Appendix 4).
Thank you very much! You are real actors! Good for you. Each team has 1 point for this contest.
IX. Descriptions of the words.
Now you'll get 4 cardswith the words for each team. You have to describe them and then to read these descriptions to the other team. You have to guess these words. You'll get 1 point for each right answer.
The words:
1) a waterfall, a deer, a path, a valley 2) a meadow, a cow, a forest, a river
For example:
1) A place where a river falls from a high place to a lower place, (a waterfall).
2) A long narrow piece of land between hills, (a valley)
3) A field which