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A happy New Year(сценрій) - Реферат

I haven't got wings
Or other good things,
So I carry home nuts in my mouth.
Woodchuck (creeping out of the hole):
Old Mother Squirrel,
Don't make such a fuss,
You're much better off
Than people like us.
Old Willie Woodchuck,
Go back to your hole,
The north wind is blowing,
I'm afraid you'll catch cold!
All summer I dined
On the best I could find
And ate all
My stomach could hold,
But now, in the autumn,
I can get just nothing.
Just nothing at all, but a cold!
The summer was good,
There was plenty of food.
Now winter is near,
And good things disappear.
All summer I bumbled
From flower to flower,
But what shall I do when
The summer is over?
Big Brother Bumble,
You don't need to grumble,
You wasted the bright summer hours.
For you were so lazy,
You sat on a daisy,
Just smelling the grass and the flowers.
Ha-ha-ha! You sound rather funny!
Do I? I have honey,
Yes, I have a lot of it.
I with I were you.
If you were a bee
Then you'd have been working
All summer like me.
Who's working all summer?
It's Bee, the old hummer.
You'd never get me
To work like a bee.
I heard that you could
Chuck wood if you would.
I would if I could
Chuck wood if you would.
I would if I could,
But wood is no good.
Oh, dear, it's true!
It makes me blue
To think of what we're coming to!
Field-Mouse (peeping out from a corn shock):
Don't you care!
There's enough and some to spare.
What was that?
A little mouse.
Where are you?
In my winter house.
Under the corn shock,
Nice and warm,
I have a room all full of corn.
I don't think it's true,
A little thing like you
Couldn't get all that corn
And a little house, too!
Well, then, just to show you
I've plenty to eat,
I'll bring you some corn
And also some wheat.
Let everyone bring
For the others some food,
And we shall have dinner,
And it will be good.
(A Russian Fairy-Tale)
Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman. They lived together very happily, and their only sorrow was that they had no children.
Then came the winter with its frosts and snow. Many children played in the street. The old man and woman sat at home, looking out of the window, thinking of their sorrow. The old man said to the old woman, "Let's make a daughter out of the snow", "Let's said the old woman".
And they went into the garden and began to make a daughter out of the snow. They rolled a big snowball, made arms and legs and at last a snow head. Then the old man made a little nose and mouth and then a chin. Suddenly the Snow Maiden's lips turned red and her eyes opened. She looked at the old people, smiling. Then she nodded her head and began to move her hands and feet. She looked like a real little girl.
"We always wanted a little girl like you", said the old woman.
"I always wanted to have a mother and father", said the Snow Maiden.
The old people were happy and took the girl into their cottage. They admired their daughter every day. She was gentle and polite with everybody. She did the housework very well and quickly.
Winter passed and the spring sun began to warm the ground. The Snow Maiden grew sad. "What is the matter with you, Daughter?" the old people asked her. "Why are you so sad? Are you not well?"
"No, Father, no, Mother, I feel all right."
The last snow melted, the flowers blossomed in the fields, and the birds came home.
But the Snow Maiden grow sadder and sadder day by day, and more and more silent. She tried to find the cool shade or a cool place. After the spring came the summer, and the girls went for a walk in the woods. They asked the Snow Maiden to go with them: "Come with us, Snow Maiden, come and walk in the woods and sing and dance".
The Snow Maiden did not want to go, but her mother said, "Go, Daughter, and enjoy yourself with your friends".
The girls went to the woods with the Snow Maiden and picked flowers, made them into garlands, sang and danced in a ring. But the Snow Maiden was not gay. The girls collected wood and made a bonfire and took turns to run and jump over the fire. The Snow Maiden was last. When her turn came, she ran and as she jumped over the fire, she melted into a little white cloud. The cloud flew up and vanished in the sky.
All her friends looked around but there was no Snow Maiden. They called and called the girl, but all they heard was an echo.
(A Fairy-Tale)
Several trees were growing together in a little garden: a big oak-tree, a tall pine, a birch, an apple-tree a little fir-tree.
One summer day the trees began to talk about themselves.
"I am very strong," said the oak. "And I am very useful. People use me to make tables and chairs."
"I am the tallest of you", said the pine-tree.
"And people use me to make masts for ships."
"But I am prettier than you," said the birch.
"I am the prettiest of all the trees. My dress is white, and I have a green hat. I am very useful, too. People use me for fire-wood."
"You are very pretty, but you have no apples," said the apple-tree. "In spring I am covered with beautiful white and pink blossoms, and in autumn I give people sweet red apples. I am the most beautiful and the most useful."
The little fir-tree did not say a word. It was not strong like the oak. It was not tall like the pine. It was not pretty like the birch, and it had no sweet apples like the apple-tree.
Summer, the hottestseason, was over. After summer came autumn. All the trees turned yellow, red and brown.
Only the pine-tree and the fir-tree were still green. Then a strong wind began to blow, and the leaves began to fall. When winter came, the trees had no leaves, but the fir-tree was still green.
One cold a lot of people came to the garden. "What a pretty fir-tree," they said. "Let us take it for the school party."
They look the fir-tree to the school. Then the school children came and decorated it. They put a red star on the top and hung flags, toys and apples on the branches. "How beautiful our fir-tree is!" they said. And the fir-tree was happy.
Snow-man, snow-man, so white,
What do you do alone at night?
Don't you wish you could run and play
Just as I do during the day?
All day you stand so still
There in the field beside the hill.
With cinder eyes and smiling face,
Aren't you tired of the same place?
Merry little snowflakes
Dancing through the street,
Flying in our face,
Falling at our feet.
Joyous little snowflakes,
Winter's wild, white bees
Covering all the flowers,
Dusting all the trees.
Come, children, gather round my knee,
Something is about to be.
Tonight's December thirty-first,
Something is about to burst.
Hark, it's midnight, children dear
Duck. Here comes another year!
New things to learn,
A new friend to meet,
A new song to sing,
New joys to greet.
New things to see,
New things to hear
New things to do
It this glad New Year.