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A happy New Year(сценрій) - Реферат

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Коломия 2001 р.
In England the New Year is not as widely or as enthusiastically observed as Christmas. Some people ignore it completely and go to bed as usual on New Year's Eve. Many others, however, celebrate it in one way or another.
The most common type of celebration is a New Year party, either a family party or one arranged by a group of young people. This usually begins at about eight o'clock and goes on until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes the hosts make a big bowl of punch which consists of wine, spirits, fruit juice and water in varying proportions. There is usually a buffet supper of cold meat, pies, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits.
At midnight the radio is turned on, so that everyone can hear the chimes of Big Ben, and on the hour a toast is drunk to the New Year. Then the party goes on.
Another popular way of celebrating the New Year is to go to a New Year's dance. Most hotels and dance halls hold a special dance on New Year's Eve. The hall is decorated, there are several different bands and the atmosphere is very gay.
The most famous celebration is in London round the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus where crowds gather and sing to welcome the New Year. In Trafalgar Square there is also a big crowd and someone usually falls into the fountain.
Those who have no desire or no opportunity to celebrate the New Year themselves, can sit and watch other people celebrating on television.
January 1st, New Year's Day, is not a public holiday, unfortunately for those who like to celebrate most of the night. Some people send New Year cards and give presents, but it is not a widespread custom. This is the traditional time for making New Year resolutions, for example to give up smoking or to get up earlier. However, these are generally more talked about than put into practice.
Characters: Mr. Small, Mrs. Small, Timothy (their son), Susan (their daughter), Grandma, Rocky (the dog).
Scene I
Setting: It's January 1st. The family are having breakfast.
Timothy: We make our New Year resolutions today. What are you going to do, Susan?
Susan: I want to get up early every day and take Rocky for a walk before school starts. Have you made any resolutions, Timothy?
Timothy: Yes, I want to get up early, too, because I'm always late for school. I'll never be late again.
Mr. Small: I can think of a better resolution for you, Tim. Go to the barber's. Your hair's much too long.
Timothy: Oh, you're always talking about my hair.
Mrs. Small: Well, I've made two resolutions. I want to have violin lessons, and I won't eat any more cakes because I'm getting too fat.
Mr. Small: Well, I like cakes! I certainly don't like the violin and I get up early every morning. Can you think of a resolution for me?
Grandma: Yes. Stop smoking that awful pipe.
Mr. Small: But I love my pipe! It helps me to think … . Oh, all right then … . I'll stop smoking it.
Grandma: You'll laugh at me when I tell you my resolution. I want to learn gymnastics. I've got me first lesson tomorrow.
Timothy, Susan (together): Tomorrow? Gymnastics?!
Rocky: Woof, woof!
Scene II
Setting: Now it's January 2nd. The family are having breakfast but Grandma is not there.
Mr. Small: Where's Grandma ?
Mrs. Small: She's upstairs. She's having her first gymnastics lesson. (Suddenly, there is a terrible CRASH! and a BANG! Timothy and Susan run upstairs.)
Timothy: Grandma, Grandma, what's the matter?
Grandma: Help! Help! I've broken my arm!
Mrs. Small: Quick, me must telephone the doctor.
Susan: Oh, dear, poor Grandma! I can't take you for a walk now, Rocky. I must stay with Grandma.
Rocky: Woof, woof!
Timothy: And I shall be late for school again.
Mrs. Small: And I can't have my violin lesson.
Mr. Small: Quick, give me my pipe! What an awful day!
Scene III
Setting: Now it's January 3rd. The family are sitting around Grandma's bed.
Mrs. Small: What a pity… . We couldn't keep our resolutions for even one day.
Grandma: It's all my fault. I'm sorry. No more gymnastics for me!
Characters: the New Year (a little boy), the Snow Maiden, Children.
(The New Year and the Snow Maiden are knocking at the door. They have many presents in baskets. The New Year has a bell in his hand.)
New Year:
I am the little New Year, ho, ho!
Here I come jumping over the snow,
Shaking my bells with a merry din,
So open your doors and let me in!
Snow Maiden:
Presents we bring for each and all,
Big folks, little folks, short and tall;
Each one from us a treasure may win,
So open your doors and let me in!
New Year:
Some shall have silver and some shall have gold,
Some shall have new clothes and some shall have old;
Some shall have brass and some shall have tin,
Some shall have water and some shall
Snow Maiden:
Some shall have water and some shall have milk,
Some shall have satin and some shall have silk!
But each of us a presents may win,
So open your doors and let us in!
Children (opening the door, together): Oh, come in! Glad to meet you!
(The New Year and the Snow Maiden give presents to the children.)
Little snowflakes, come and play,
I've nothing else to do today.
Yes, we'll come and oh, what fun,
We'll twirl, and dance, and skip, and run.
Come on, snowflakes, come with me,
There are many things to see.
Oh, now the sun is peeping through,
It feels quite warm. What shall we do?
Sun (to Wind):
Blow the snowflakes home again,
Before they melt and turn to rain.
Who-oo! Who-oo! Home you go;
Hurry now, don't be slow.
Come on, sisters, back we go
To where the earth is white with snow,
Good-bye, sun, we're glad we came,
We really had a lovely game.
(Adapted from Alice Very)
Blue-Bird Honey-Bee
Robin Field-Mouse
Rabbit Woodchuck
Chickadee Other
Squirrel Animals
Bumble-Bee and Birds
Setting: The edge of a cornfield in autumn.
At Rise: Blue-Bird, Robin and Chickadee are fluttering about. Rabbit and Woodchuck are peeping from burrows.
The north wind blows,
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor Robin do then?
He'll fly to the South
With a song in his mouth
And come back in the springtime again.
Old Willie Woodchuck,
Come out of your hole!
Thebirds are all flying away.
The frost and the snow.
Are making them go;
Not one of our playmates will stay.
You forgot about me.
Here I am, up in the apple-tree.
Let other birds roam;
I'll stay here at home,
Singing chick-a-dee, chick-a-dee-dee!
And what will you eat?
And where will you go
When here all the branches
Are covered with snow?
Won't you be hungry?
And won't you be cold?
Oh, no, I'll have all
That I'm able to hold.
All the things I've found
In the old apple-tree
Make the kind of food
For a small chickadee.
Squirrel (coming out from behind the tree):
It's easy for things
That have feathers and wings
And can fly far away to the