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Англійські термінологічні словосполучення у текстах з проблем техногенного впливу на довкілля (автореферат) - Реферат

Ключові слова: термінологічна одиниця, термінологічне слово-сполучення, науково-технічний текст, спеціальний дискурс, техногенний вплив, довкілля, контекст, поняття, значення.


Иващишин О. М. Английские терминологические словосочетания в текстах по проблемам техногенного влияния на окружающую среду. – Рукопись.

Диссертация на соискание ученой степени кандидата филологических наук по специальности 10.02.04 – германские языки. Львовский национальный университет имени Ивана Франко, Львов, 2007.

Диссертация посвящена изучению структурно-семантических и функционально-стилистических особенностей терминологических словосочетаний и выяснению вопроса лингвопрагматической реализации их свойств в англоязычных научно-технических текстах по проблемам техногенного влияния на окружающую среду. Исследованы способы дифференциации терминологических и нетерминологических единиц и лингвистический статус терминологического словосочетания как разновидности термина. Определена природа терминологических словосочетаний, проанализированы способы и методы терминообразования и пути вторичной деривации. Осуществлена структурная и семантическая классификация терминологических словосочетаний на основании анализа их ядер и зависимых компонентов. Представлены результаты изучения фреймовой организации научно-технических текстов по проблемам техногенного влияния на окружающую среду, типологической дифференциации контекстов и их функциональных особенностей, роли терминологических словосочетаний в маркировке научно-технических текстов и их прагматических функций в заглавных фреймах. Сформулированы определения терминологического словосочетания, специального дискурса и научно-технического текста по вопросам техногенного влияния на окружающую среду.

Ключевые слова: терминологические единицы, терминологические словосочетания, научно-технический текст, специальный дискурс, техногенное влияние, окружающая среда, контекст, понятие, значение.


Ivashchyshyn O.M. English Terminological Phrases in Texts on Technogenic Impact on the Environment). – Manuscript.

Thesis for the Scholarly Degree of Candidate in Linguistics. Speciality 10.02.04. – Germanic Languages. The Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, 2007.

The dissertation is concerned with the structural-semantic and functional-stylistic characteristics of terminological phrases, their linguistic and pragmatic implementation in English scientific and technical texts of technogenic impact on the environment. It consists of Introduction, three chapters with brief conclusions, General Conclusions, List of References (289 entries), Lexicographical Sources (38 entries). Illustrative Material Sources (43 entries) as well as the Supplement in the form of the Dictionary of Technogenic Terms.

Chapter 1 tackles theoretical aspects of terminology studies in its historical development and contemporary status. Stress is made on the assumption that one of the peculiar features of Terminology domain consists in the integrity of principles, tendencies and directions of terminological activities regardless of time, communities, schools etc. and that terminology is the field integrating terminologists, professionals and translators of different times, branches and countries. This can be explained by the fact that the development of terminology reflects the progress of civilization through scientific and industrial achievements that encourage the appearance of new terms nominating these achievements for the purpose of both inside the country and international professional communication. This, in its turn, challenges the processes of integration and globalization in the world, particularly in the age of highly developed technologies. The chapter considers the problem of differentiation between terms and words which has always been in the focus of terminological discussions and is still requiring new solutions and outcomes since it is the core item of terminology management, in general, and lexicography, in particular. Based on the assumption that terms express and specify specialized concepts, the conclusion is drawn that a significant feature of any term is the ability to penetrate into the essence of the concept essentially challenging the differentiation between terms and words.

Chapter 2 deals with the investigation of terminological phrase as a linguistic structure of English scientific and technical texts. In this respect, it considers the issue of the nature of terminological phrases. According to the structure, they are divided into prеpositional and non-prеpositional. The usage of asyndetic terminological phrases is a typical feature of the English texts on the problems of technogenic impact on the environment. Their amount prevails over the number of syndetic compound terms and the roots of this phenomenon should be found in Middle English when the noun in the common case started to be used as attribute in the preposition to the core of the phrase. The problem of term formation, in general, and the terminological phrases, in particular, is researched in this Chapter, too. Taking into account the fact that compound terms can be derived from single-word terms, lexical and syntactical types of derivation have been examined. Assumption is made that lexical derivation causes transformation of the term meaning. Syntactical derivation reflects the process of syntactical function transformation of the initial term and the formation of various syntactical structures through the transformation of the core element. Terminological phrases are shaped by means of syntactical derivation encouraging an increase in the number of their constituents. Research on the structure and semantics of compound terms is conducted, and structural and semantic classifications of the technogenic terminological phrases on the basis of the analysis of their cores and attributive elements are elaborated. Models of grammatical structures are created and presented in charts.

Chapter 3 is concerned with pragmatic functions of terminological phrases analyzed in accordance with their communicative and cognitive purposes of the texts under research, and the correlation between the term, the meaning and the context. The results of the differentiation between the types of contexts and their functional characteristics, as well as the role of terminological phrases in the technogenic texts and their functions in the titles of these texts are presented. Definitions of the specialized discourse, as well as scientific and technical text on technogenic impact on the environment are formulated. The specialized discourse is viewed as a discourse aimed at achieving cognitive and communicative purposes of a certain specialized subject field. The terminological phrases of technogenic branches of science and industry express the concepts of this specific discourse which set it apart from the types of discourse with other cognitive and communicative purposes. The technogenic text is defined, on the one hand, as an integral communicative unit definitely structured and organized according to the rules of text formation generally recognized in the linguistic theory, and presented by a mobile model which is considered to be an analogue and a result of the professionals' communicative activity in technogenic domain; on the other hand, technogenic text can be characterized as a specific functional system consisting of frames of compositional, lexical and syntactical structures integrated by specialized communicative tasks, and information transfer of both environmental and industrial character. The research finds its outcomes in elaboration of the course of terminology studies for higher education institutions and in work of terminology standardization associations. Illustrative materials, charts and schemata are supposed to be implemented in teaching ESP, compiling dictionaries for the purposes of education and international cooperation challenging the processes of globalization and integration of Ukraine into the world community in various areas, in general, and technogenic domain, in particular.

Key words: terminological unit, terminological phrase, scientific and technical text, specialized discourse, technogenic impact, the environment, context, concept, meaning.

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