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The United Kingdom (конспект уроку) - Реферат

The UK


  • to activate pupils'reading skills, trying to get the main information from the text:

  • to speak about the UK;

  • to use new vocabulary in the sentences:

  • to review the previous material;

- to develop pupils' logical thinking, memory

- to broden pupils' knowledge about the UK

Supplies: cards, map, hand out" "Rearrange the words", " True or False."

Type of the lesson: reading lesson


I. The beginning of the lesson

1. Greeting.

- How do you do!

- How do you do!


The topic of our today's lesson is "The UK".

By the end of the lesson you should be able to apply knowledge of the words and expressions for this topic in a new situation, to talk about the UK.

Warming up.

Game "Rearrange the words"

Write the following words on the blackboard:

inhabitant, climate, cafe, people, exhibition, the British, mountain, hotel, church,

Ukrainians, valley, theatre, avenue, lake, Scottish , forest, .

Explain to pupils that each word belongs to one of the three distinct categories.

Their task is to work out what the three categories are, and to rearrange the words

into three groups.

Ask them to work in pairs.

The first pair to finish is the winner.

For example:

Geographical features: climate, mountain, valley, lake, forest.

II. The main part of the lesson

  1. Reading

Exercise 1, page 120-121

Pre-reading activities

a). Is United Kingdom situated on an island or on a continent?

What territory does Northern Ireland occupy?

How many parts does Great Britain consist of?

What are their names?

b) Look at the new words on page 120 and repeat after me.

Read the text on page 120 exercises 1.

While-reading activities.

    1. complete the sentences:

The symbol of England is ...

The symbol of Wales is ...

Post-reading activities.

  1. True or False. Correct the false sentence.

The most famous lake is called Nessie.

Edinnburgh is the capital of Wales.

Edinburgh has a huge festival every summer.

A red rose is the symbol of England.

Rugby is a national sports in Wales.

Welsh is studied at school.

b).WB. Ex.1-2, p. 36

Rank the following kinds of geographical relief of the earth surface according to their height over the sea level. Start with the highest.









Match the names of the countries with some notes about them.

1. Northern Ireland

2. England

3. Wales

4. Scotland

a) The popular musical instrument in this country is harp. People are fond of rugby. Road signs are usually in native language and in English.

b) This is the most mountainous area in Great Britain. The country is popular with campers and climbers. A huge festival of music and literature takes place here every year.

c) This is the part of a separate island. Saint Patrick is a patron of it. Bagpipes and fiddles are considered as traditional music instruments in this country.

d) You can find lots of plains and meadows here. Gardening is very popular among the population. People are proud of its language because it is spread out over the whole UK.

Read the sentences and tick E (England), S (Scotland), W (Wales), NI ( Northern Ireland). There is more than one answer possible.

1. In this country people are crazy about gardening.

2. In this country you may see different shades and tones of green.

3. In this country men wear skirts called the kilts.

4. You can see a red dragon on the flag of this country.

5. In this country rugby is the national sport.

6. The symbol of this country is a red rose.

7. The most famous symbol of this country is the shamrock.

8. In this country there are many lakes called the lochs.

9. People who live in these countries don't like it when they called English.

10. These people are especially proud of their language.

Fill in the words from the 'New Vocabulary'.

1. When you speak about the ... of a place you mean its hills, rivers, forests

and so on.

2.... is a large area of land with very few trees on it.

  1. ... is a field which has grass and flowers growing in it.

  2. ... is a long and narrow1 piece of land between hills.

  3. People who live in their own house, usually put a ... around it and a small yard in front of it.

  4. ... are low-lying lands.

  5. ... are lands in the mountains.


Ask and answer in pairs.

  1. What would you like to see in Scotland? Why?

  2. What was Helen impressed by in England?

  3. What parts of England did she visit? What did she see there?

  4. What do the holiday makers like in Wales?

  5. What can anyone see in Wales?

  6. What was Maxym surprised with?

III. Finishing the lesson

Summarizing. What have we done at the lessons? What is the most beautiful part of England for you? Why?