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The Beauty of the World Is in Danger (конспект уроку) - Реферат

Now let's see how you understood and remembered what you have seen. Make the following sentences complete:

  1. The ... around us is amazing, ... and full of ....

  2. If you look at ... from the ..., you'll that it is ... and ....

  3. The ... occupied by oceans, ... ,... and... is ... than that occupied by the ....

  4. At night the ... and the ... shine in the ... sky.

  5. The Earth is ... in the ... ....

The key: 1. world, beautiful, wonders.

2. the Earth, space, round, blue.

3. area, seas, rivers, lakes, much larger, land.

4. Moon, stars, dark.

5. situated, Solar System.

Teacher: I see that you were very attentive and now it's time to come back to the Earth. I want you to have some rest and to listen to the song. Just relax and listen and imagine. And then tell us about your thoughts and images that are appearing in your minds while the music is playing. (The music is slow and romantic. The idea is to lead the conversation to the nature, picturesque views and beauty of the planet).

Well, I am looking forward your answers! What did you imagine? What pictures rose in your imagination?

(Pupils answer and the teacher pays attention at the ideas about the beauty of the nature)

I imagine different forests and fields. They are bright with autumn colours. The birds sing their songs, the sky is blue and the autumn sun shines. I enjoy its warmth. I am happy.

I saw myself at the sea. It is wide and deep and wonderful. The waves are coming to the seaside with their romantic sound. The sea is calm and I am calm, too. The gentle wind touches my hair. It is very pleasant.

I was on the top of the mountain. The wind is strong, the air is fresh. I breathe in and out it with pleasure. The view is wonderful and boundless. The trees are deep green and the sky is so close to me.

I imagined myself swimming with the dolphins. They are very kind and playful. They swim with me and jump out of the water. They are so smart and friendly. I am laughing and enjoying this play.

I was in my own garden. It is spring. The trees are in blossom and the smell around id sweet. The bees fly over my head and I can hear them. The birds sing their merry summer songs. The sun is smiling from the sky and I want its rays to touch my face.

It was a summer rain which I imagined. But it was quiet and peaceful. The drops fell on the leaves and flowers and they were dancing under them. Nature was happy to be fresh and the air smelled rain. I was enjoying the greenery and the freshness of the nature.

I listened to the song and saw the dark night sky in August. The sky is very dark and the stars are so numerous and shiny. They are so close and at the same time so far away! The moon is young and it looks like smiling to the stars and to me.

I imagined winter. I am in the forest. The trees are white with soft fresh snow. Everything is mysterious and shiny. The sun shines and the snow sparkles. I walk in the forest along a wide path. The day is very nice.

I saw the sunset. It was red bright. First the sky was blue and yellowish, then it became pink and at the end - scarlet. The sun was bigger and bigger and it was slowly hiding over the horizon. It was amazing.

Teacher: Thanks. Your answers were really predictable, because we live in such a wonderful Earth that we can't but admire its landscapes and think about the views especially when romantic music sounds. All of us had unforgettable moments when we looked at the sea, the forest, and the mountains and couldn't think about anything but beauty. Now I invite you to look at picturesque views again and continue watching the project "The World Around Us", page 2, "Nature"

Teacher: Yes. The nature is very beautiful! Now, please, make two teams. The first team pretend you are aliens and do not know anything about the Earth. Please, ask questions about nature. The second team is formed from the people of the Earth and they will answer. Off we go!

(Pupils ask and answer questions about nature and seasons).

  • Do you have a beautiful nature? Yes. The nature on the Earth is very wonderful, rich and colourful. You'll be delighted to see it with your own eyes!

  • What does it consist of? It consists of everything you see around: mountains, rivers, fields, forests, flowers, animals, birds, insects and what not. People are also a part of the nature.

  • Do you have differences in nature in different parts of the Earth? Of course, we do. The Earth is very big and it differs much in all parts. Some places are always covered with snow, others are hot and green. There are also deserts yellow with sand.

  • What is the season? The season is a part of the year which differs in weather. Nature looks different in each season.

  • How many seasons are there on the Earth? There are usually four seasons, but not everywhere.

  • It seems that your planet is really beautiful. Can we stay here for a while and enjoy it? Certainly. Welcome to the Earth!!!

Teacher: OK. It looks like we have made friends with aliens. I'm glad we have fount the common language. But it looks like rain! I am sure it is raining... and the sun is shining. It happens sometimes, you know! Open your umbrellas or you'll be wet! (Pupils open umbrellas) And here comes the rainbow. (A picture of it is at the blackboard). I know, it is time to play a game called "Rainbow". Let'srecite our Colour poems. We have seven colours of the rainbow and seven poems about them. These are not usual poems. They do not usually have the rhyme, but still they are very poetical. We wrote them at our previous lessons and I am sure it will be nice to hear them right now.

(Pupils recite poems. Here are some of them written by students and teachers.)


Boundless blue sky is over our heads

Water can be blue in crystal clean lakes

Blue flowers in the flower-beds

There is much blue on the globe

Thousands of rivers, lakes,

Many oceans and seas...

Thoughts can be blue, too

Blue is very light, beautiful and pleasant.

Жовтобрюх Катерина 6-D клас


Orange rainbow is very nice

Orange sunset in the evening

Very tasty orange sweets

These are things that I feel orange

You can also have orange laugh

And orange happiness in love!

Сіряченко Олександра 6-D клас


Yellow is in my life

Yellow is in my dreams

Yellow is cool, yellow is nice!

Sometimes my feelings are yellow

Yellow is the colour of the sun

Yellow is the colour of the world

Yellow are flowers, sky or grass

Yellow is autumn and yellow is spring

Yellow tastes sour like a lemon

This colour is very lively and fresh.

Щербова Альбіна 6-D клас


In summer I feel green

In spring I'm green as well

Fresh kiwi smells like green

And apples have green smell

Sweet babies behave green

And aliens are green, too

And dewdrops taste fresh green

And hay remembers spring

When it was young and green.

Thick clover in the field

Smiles to the morning sun.

It's every cell is green

And it enjoys green fun.

And I feel green when sing

And when my old friends ring.

In deep sleep I am green

(Of course inside I mean)

But when alarm wakes me

I'm green as green can be!!!

Нікул Ю.В.- вчитель

Teacher: It was a pleasure to listen to your poems. They are wonderful and lovely. And the rain has stopped. Please, fold up the umbrellas. And the next step for us is to speak about animals and plants. There are so many kinds of them that you can hardly find a man who can at least name all. The Earth is populated by many species: animals, birds, fish, and insects. Some of them are very numerous and famous, others are rare. But all of them live on the Earth as well as we do. I offer you to make four teams and choose the name out of four: animals, birds, fish, and insects. Imagine that you represent the animal world. Now think over the presentations of the teams.

(Pupils write and then read a couple of sentences about each class keeping in mind their specific features, places of habitation and other things about them)