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Місто моєї мрії (конспект уроку) - Реферат

План-конспект уроку для учнів 5 класу

Місто моєї мрії"

Цілі уроку :- перевірити рівень умінь і навичок у застосуванні вивченого

мовного матеріалу за темою на практиці у знайомих і

змінених ситуаціях;

- розвивати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення ,

читання та аудіювання за темою „Місто";

-навчити учнів виконувати та презентувати проект

за темою „Місто моєї мрії";

-формувати соціокультурну компетентність ,

культуру спілкування та толерантне ставлення до співрозмовників;

  • виховувати зацікавленість у вивченні іноземної мови .

Обладнання: постери з видами Лондону, Київа та Артемівська,постер з етапами виконання проекту , магнітофон , CD та аудіо записи, телевізор та відеозаписи, папір та картки для виконання учнями проекту .




  1. You look wonderful today!-P1.So do you! I am very glad you like it!

T.That's a nice colour of you!-P2. Thanks! I am very glad you like it.

T.You look so anxious! What's wrong?-P3 I got a bad mark in Ukrainian.

T. But you are smiling! –What should I do? Should I cry?

T.Your new blouse is beautiful!-P4 Thanks a lot! I am very glad you like it!

T.You are a very pretty girl. I like your braid very much!- P5Thanks! I really don't want to have my hear cut!

T.Dima! I like your English ! You work hard after your year out! P6 I know it's a complement. By the way, thank you very much! I really need it!

T.You look great today! Has anything happened?- P7 Yes, it has. Today is my birthday!

T&Ps Congratulations!!! Happy birthday!

T.It's your first year here in this form. Do you like it?-P8 Yes, I do. I know how English is important nowadays!

T.You look wonderful! –P9 So do you! Thank you very much. You are so attentive!


T. Guys! Some people think that the place where they were born is the best on the Earth. Others move to other cities or countries and live there. Do you know any English proverbs about it?

P1 "There is no place like home"

P2 "Home, sweet home"

P3 "East or West home is best"

T. Well done! Some people call "home" a flat or a house where they live, others mean a native city. How far do you agree with these proverbs ? You can see four corners and two opposite points of view. We respect any. Please , make a choice , go to the corner and give your arguments.


-I strongly agree with this . I like the place where I was born very much! It is my personal point of view .

-I agree that a Motherland is the place people always remember and want to come back to.

-I am sure people should remember the place where they were born.

-I strongly disagree . The best place for me is my granny's place. I feel quiet . She allows me to do everything I want.

-I disagree. My cousin and his family moved to Canada. They are very happy there. Their home is far away now!



T. Guys! I want to tell you about the plan of our lesson. Today we have the final lesson on the topic "CITY" & we will try to show our guests everything we have already learnt. And some minutes before the end of the lesson you will work in groups and make group projects "THE CITY OF MY DREAM".

Now look at the poster and tell me what places can we see in any town or city?

(a hospital, a bank, an institute, a school, shop, a stadium, a museum, theatre, a cinema etc)


Now listen to the text and guess what cities are mentioned in it.

1 It is very old and large. Many people live in it. They work in different offices, shops, plants, factories, hotels. Many tourists visit it. They can see many museums and monuments there. The Queen of England lives there too.

2.It is very big and old. It is in Ukraine. It stands on the river. You can see beautiful , fine buildings, many museums and monuments, churches and hotels, large shops, institutes and schools, plants and factories there. The streets are long and the squares are big. The main street is Khreshchatik.

3.It is not big but old. The buildings are not very high but nice. There some factories in it. You can see some schools, shops , a town museum, a hotel, a town square in it. There is no underground here. In the streets you can see cars, buses and trolley-buses. It is 435 years old.


T. Well done! I know you worked hard while we were learning the information about these three cities. Now it's time to show what you know about them. Who wants to be the first?

Group 1 I'd like to start . I think Kiev is important for us, English learners, because it is the capital of our native country. We are Ukrainians and we are proud of the city which is considered to be the main in our country.


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is situated on the both banks of the river Dnipro.

The Dnipro is the longest river in Ukraine.

Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Kyiv is the large political, industrial, scientific and cultural center.

Khreshchatic is the main street in Kyiv . It is one of the most beautiful streets in our country . There are a lot of places of interest : Kyiv –Pechersk Lavra , the St. Sophia Cathedral and many others.

There are many fine museums, theatres, cinemas and monuments in the city.

Kyiv is very beautiful in spring. There are a lot of chestnut trees and flowers in this city.

I like it very much.


Hi, my name is Ziggу.

I've just arrived in town.

I feel at home already.

I haven't seen a frown.

You certainly have given me

My warmest welcome yet.

We're really had a concert

I never will forget.

I've sung all your favourites.

I've never made you cry.

But not it's time to leave you.

It's time to say goodbye.

Group 2. I think London should be the next. We learn English and London is the capital of the country which is the Motherland of it.


London is the capital of England. It is a very and old city.

London is more then 2000 (two thousand) years old. It stands on the river Thames. The Thames is a very big river.

London is a beautiful city. There are many green parks and large gardens in it. There are many big ,old and modern buildings,

large shops ,theatres, cinemas ,hospitals ,museums, monuments and palaces in the capital of England.

In the streets of London you can see many cars, buses and taxis.

There is an underground in London too; the London underground is very old. There are also many plants, factories, offices, colleges and schools in London.

The Queen of England lives in a beautiful palace in London.

London is a very beautiful city

T. Thanks a lot. In addition I would like you to see a film about London. Be attentive. You will have to answer the questions which you have on your

desks . Enjoy but be attentive!

(Students see a video film about London)

T.OK. Now we will see who was the most attentive.

(The teacher asks students 12 questions)


1.Where do tourists come to watch changing of the guard?

2.What is the oldest building of London?

3.Who wears clothes of the years of 1500?

4.What is there across the river Thames?

5.What is the commercial center of London?

6.Name the architect who designed St. Paul's Cathedral?

7.Where and when were Prince Charles and Princess Diana married?

8.How many Нouses are there in the British Parliament?

9.How many tourists does London attract every year?

10.Why do people come to Trafalgar Square?

11.What interesting places can we see near Trafalgar Square?

12.What can we see at Piccadilly Circus?

Group 3. East or West –home is best! It's time to talk about the best city in the world- Artemivsk.

I live in Artemovsk. My town stands on the Bukhmutka river.

My town is old. It is about 450 years old.

My town is not very big but it is very beautiful.

There are many old and new buildings , shops, cinemas, schools , Universities ,hospitals in Artemovsk.

The main street of my town is Artem street.

You can see many buses, trolley-buses, cars and taxis in the streets of my town. There is not an underground in Artemovsk.

There is Artem square in the centre of the town.

I live in _________________street, it is not far from the centre.

I love my town very much.

P1 Guys, lets sing a song about our native town , which was composed by our school teachers and students.

Relaxation (Students sing a song)

A song about ARTEMOVSK

At school we usually draw

The ways of childhood, home sweet

In dreams somewhere often sailed

And didn't see the tale in it.

The tales live in every street

And even in you and me

With pleasure I'll stretch my hands to it

And town will smile to me

Together with you we go the same way

We're ready to go without the end

My dear Artemovsk , the town of childhood

Take our hot hearts and hands

Your heart is young , my old friend

You're so wise and very rich

So much we like you, dear town,

Green town of my childhood.

Among some ordinary truth

Please , don't forget about that

You'd never look for happiness

And make your ancient town best.

T. Thank you ! Your preparation is great. Look at the globe! So many countries and cities are on it. We can speak about three cities. You are here because you want to improve your English and speak not worse that native learners.


T. Now it's time to start your projects. You are proposed to form three groups .

All of you will have the same topic "The city of my dream".

Here at the desk you will find all necessary materials to make it. Your have some experience how to make projects . However, lets repeat the amps of the project:

-choose the topic

-make a plan of it

-be quick because you are limited in time

-select the material which you want to use

-end product

-project's presentation

-summing up

Your project should be interesting and bright. Something you prepared at home. All details you will be able to add in your presentation. Don't forget to choose the speaker. But remember! All the members of the group should be involved.



Cultural life

1. May I start? We live in a provincial city and do not have a theatre and even a cinema in Artemivsk. In our project we show the things which we want to have in our city. First of all it is a theatre , a cinema and a circus. We usually go to big cities to see shows

2.I 'd like to say that it will be great to have a zoo there. I like animals very much.

3. Beautiful parks will make our city nice. City visitors could spend time in the park or in the museum.

Shopping center

1.Our city will be a big shopping center. There will be many department stores, supermarkets or markets.

2.As for me, people should wear beautiful clothes . The shops will sell clothes, shoes, hats and other things. I like to go shopping.

3.To my mind ,beautiful shop windows will make the streets of our city more beautiful.


1.We think the most important place in any town is a plant where people will work. That's why our city will have a plant.

2.Our city will be rich with beautiful streets , buses, trolley-buses, taxis.

3.Some people will live in flats, some in houses. All of them will be rich and happy because they will have work, money , place to live and many interesting places to go to in their city.


Well that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and the activities you were involved during the lesson. You worked well because you helped one another. I hope this group work will teach your to be helpful, more organized and better disciplined . (The teacher gives students marks).


Draw a picture of a city from the future and give your arguments.