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DJ Tiesto - Реферат

In November 2008, it was announced that he had returned to the studio to start recording music for his next studio album. The targeted release date is the end of summer 2009.

Personal life

On January 10, 2008, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf announced that Tisto and his former girlfriend Stacey Blokzijl were going to get married on October 10, 2008 in Cartagena, Colombia. He proposed to her in December 2007 while they were visiting Mauritania. Tisto cancelled his wedding for October 10, because he claims to have a busy schedule and too little time for the preparations. Around Christmas 2008 Stacey Blokzijl broke up with Tisto because of the constant delay of their wedding. Until early 2006 Verwest had a relationship with the beauty contest winner Monique Spronk.

Philanthropy and other activities

On January 6, 2005 Tisto performed in an outdoor fundraiser in De Dam, Amsterdam, the event was free and many famous Dutch artists like Dinand Woesthoff, Blf, Acda & De Munnik, Di-rect, Berget Lewis, Xander de Buisonj and Trijntje Oosterhuis were involved in it to provide financial aid to the people who suffered from the tsunami in Asia. All profits made of all TV commercials and live broadcast were given to the organisations collecting the relief funds.

During 2005 he also made a small cameo appearance in the award-winning film It's All Gone Pete Tong as himself. He also contributed the song "Goldrush" to the PlayStation Portable futuristic racing game Wipeout Pure. In September 2006 Tisto was admitted to hospital after experiencing pain in his chest. He was diagnosed with pericarditis and subsequently he had to cancel a number of shows. With the diagnosis, he was invited to support Dance4Life to help teens who are not aware of the risks of HIV/AIDS. In April 2006 Tisto was named the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS, as the foundation's ambassador he has helped the organisation with fundraising along with recording the track "Dance4life" that he recorded with Maxi Jazz from Faithless. The foundation consists on a better way of living with safe sex in exchange of entertainment to the young crowd. The song charted #1 twice in the Bulgarian Singles Chart and #3 in the Dutch Top 40. The song was a huge success, peaking for five weeks in #3 and eleven consecutive weeks in the Top 10 of the Dutch Singles Chart, it also reached #5 in Belgium, #6 in Finland and also charting in the UK and Germany. With the successful release of Elements of Life, Tisto and fashion designer Giorgio Armani collaborated together on a limited edition Tisto T-shirt available at Armani Exchange stores. His single "Sweet Things" comes with the shirt including an exclusive "A|X Remix" by Tom Cloud which shows the great influence Tisto has in fashion culture. The charity raised over US$300,000.

Tisto opened a new club-restaurant acquisition with Chinese cuisine, dance music and live entertainment on June 7, 2007 called Cineac. Tisto inaugurated with his new Cineac Anthem called "Happy People". Guests are welcome to see various modern styles of music mixed by some known top DJs. It was later renamed "The Mansion". Tisto and Reebok introduced the new 'Tisto shoe' in November 2007. The shoebox comes with a special limited-edition Tisto & Reebok CD, containing the Elements of Life album and the bonus disc. Only 1000 pair units were available for sale in Netherlands. Previously Tisto & Reebok had released "Run the DJ Tisto", which consisted of another shoe release with Tisto as one of the designers. He now owns a line of Reebok RBK shoes and was recently tapped by Microsoft to launch its new Vista operating system for the Dutch market, placing him on par with Robbie Williams, who performed a similar duty in the United Kingdom. The partnership includes a Vista application built especially for Tisto, which had more than a thousand downloads from his website a day during its first week of availability. It has a Tisto toolbar for sorting, a plug-in application which allows fans to be informed with the DJ in real-time and get live alerts on gigs, appearances and new music. Tisto introduced the application at the Jan. 29 Vista launch event in Amsterdam.

Due to the past 2008 Olympic Games in August, New York's Ultra Records announced on Friday it is a partner in Coca-Cola's upcoming WE8 bottle campaign, a promotion that celebrates Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the Olympic Games in Beijing as well as art and music. Eight musicians and eight artists were chosen, including Tisto, to create tracks inspired by some specially designed Coke bottles. Tisto produced a song inspired on "Global Harmony" and on Xiao Xue's design of the Coke bottle which is titled Global Harmony; This is not his first time to be involved with the Olympic Games or Coca-Cola, previously Tisto participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics and also produced a song for Coca-Cola titled "Searching" which was used on a television commercial. "Corona and Lime", a song by Shwayze includes Tisto's name in the lyrics, "Bump techno by DJ Tisto".

On December 5, 2008, the annual Ultra Music Festival that's held in Miami in March released an "exclusive initial line-up" for Ultra 2009 which stated that Tisto will be performing along with Carl Cox, deadmau5, Bloc Party and others.


Studio albums

  • 2001: In My Memory

  • 2004: Just Be

  • 2007: Elements of Life

  • 2009: TBA

Other albums

  • 2004: Parade of the Athletes

  • 2006: Just Be: Remixed

  • 2008: Elements of Life: Remixed


  • 2003: Another Day at the Office

  • 2003: Tisto in Concert

  • 2004: Tisto in Concert 2

  • 2008: Copenhagen: Elements of Life World Tour


  • 2002: Area2 Tour

  • 2004: Just Be: Train Tour

  • 2005: Tisto in Concert: North America Tour 2005

  • 2005: Central Eastern European Tour 2005

  • 2006: In Search of Sunrise: Asia Tour 2006

  • 2007-2008: Elements of Life World Tour

  • 2008: In Search of Sunrise: Summer Tour 2008


  • Raves: The Experience (2000)

  • Dance TV (2000)

  • Hey DJ (2003)

  • Tussen de sterren (episode: "1.3", 2003)

  • Athens 2004 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (2004)

  • It's All Gone Pete Tong (cameo, 2004)

  • Liquid Vinyl (2005)

  • Lydverket (episode: "trance special", 2005)

  • De Wereld draait door (episode: "2.56", 2006)

  • De Nieuwste show (episode: "2.30", 2008)


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