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DJ Tiesto - Реферат

2003–2004: Solo In Concert

Tisto in Concert, 2003-2004Arnhem, Gelredome

His fame continued to skyrocket in the early 2000s following his six-hour "Tisto Solo" sets which he performed without other DJs or opening acts. This idea, of one DJ playing alone to a large crowd, was brought to its pinnacle when Tisto was the first DJ to hold a solo concert in a stadium; on May 10, 2003, he performed for over 25,000 people in Arnhem's Gelredome. This concert was later called Tisto in Concert, the event was an enormous success. He repeated the same type of concert the following year during two consecutive nights in late October. In addition to holding these two concerts for 35,000 of his fans, he held another concert for a crowd of 20,000 in Hasselt, Belgium the following week. DVDs of both his May 10, 2003 and October 30, 2004 concerts have been released, having the other DVD titled Tisto in Concert 2. The DVD's show the journey from the first idea to the main event, it features live performances by Andain, Dinand Woesthoff, and Jan Johnston. The event includes live music and dancers performing at different times throughout the set. The theme of the event is a mystical, musical journey around the world based on the theme of Magik. It consists of 200+ minutes of performances with a second disc with special features, It includes a behind-the-scenes looking at The Making Of the event, the music video for his song "Traffic" and TV Commercials for the event. The second DVD has performances from Aqualung and violin player DJ Mason, Micha Klein and the Bulgarian Children of Orpheus choir. During this period he was crowned as "No. 1. DJ in the World" by DJ Magazine (UK) in 2002, 2003, and 2004. In 2004 he released his second artist album Just Be, which featured his first single "Traffic" which is the first non-vocal track to reach number one spot in the Dutch national charts for 23 years. Tisto and Kirsty Hawkshaw's production and single "Just Be" appeared in the Nip / Tuck: Original TV Soundtrack, and "Love Comes Again" was used in a Coca-Cola commercial in Holland. The track "Sweet Misery" was originally written for Evanescence but it did not meet the deadline for the release of their album. Tisto's remix of the Kane song "Rain Down on Me" is featured in the game FIFA Football 2004. In support to his Just Be album, he played at Breda, Eindhoven, Utrecht, and Amsterdam; these stops were later named Just Be: Train Tour, this tour was not planned for people to know about it. On May 20, Ascension Day, when he got on the train in his hometown of The Hague to go to Breda, he was honoured by the mayor and the citizens, he was then named an officer in the name of the royal family Orange-Nassau.

2004: Olympics opening ceremony

The Olympic Flame at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

The Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (ATHOC) asked Tisto to perform at the Olympic Games, making him the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympic Games at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens for 90 minutes.

Tisto flew to Athens in January 2004 to have a meeting with the ATHOC. His Tisto in Concert DVD caught their attention, after which he was asked to write more tracks based on his opening tune "Adagio for Strings" which could fit in with the Olympic spirit and combine the classical with the modern age; They also request him to play his own produced music. The first rehearsal was on Saturday 7, August for an empty stadium; the second rehearsal was on Sunday 8 with 35,000 volunteers, a lot of the people recognised some tracks like "Traffic" and "Adagio for Strings". The last rehearsal included almost 60,000 people in the stadium which was on Tuesday 10, there were some technical problems, the mixer broke down, the monitors dropped out a couple of times and the music in the stadium was not continuously on the right volume.

During the parade on Friday 13, all participating nations introduced their athletes which were over 10,500 in total and 80,000 in the public, only 75,000 knew about dance music. During the course of his performance the Dutch athletes started dancing in front of the DJ booth and had to be moved on by officials. The performance included new tracks produced especially for the Opening Ceremony and songs that were created to complement the spirit and theme of the ceremony. A condensed studio-recorded album of the songs played on the Olympic set was later released, including new songs especially composed for the occasion, entitled Parade of the Athletes in October 2004. In the liner notes, he noted the IOC requested to him that the music not contain any lyrics as they could be inadvertently misinterpreted. After some success an unmixed version was also released exclusively on iTunes, it featured full length tracks.

2005: Worldwide popularity

In late 2004 he began his touring across Latin America, with his release of In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama in which he gained influence from the sun and sand in summer in 2002, the tour continued in 2005 and Tisto performed live at Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Colombia. Following the tours, In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America was released in 2005, featuring a second CD for the first time in the In Search of Sunrise series. This was the first DJ mix compilation in almost a year since Nyana and World Leader.

Tisto performing in Winterworld at Palazzo in Bingen, Germany in May 2005.

In 2005 his Perfect Remixes Vol. 3 compilation was released through Warlock Records, containing ten tracks which were created during the beginning of his career, between those is Junkie XL, Mauro Picotto and The Roc Project. On August 20, 2005 Verwest took Tisto in Concert to the United States when he played to 16,000 of fans in Los Angeles, California in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena with Cirque du Soleil dancers. For the second year in a row he performed live at a New Year's Eve/New Year's concert in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Orleans Arena to a sell-out crowd. Despite his four-city American tour being postponed due to the hurricane damage in New Orleans and Miami, playing such cities in the United States further expanded and cemented his popularity among more mainstream audiences. Even this was surpassed later in the 2007 summer where some 250,000 people danced on Ipanema Beach, Brazil, the second largest concert in the history of mankind. BPM magazine has an annual poll in the United States which is unveiled in the WMC, in 2005 Tisto took the No. 1 spot. The influence of Los Angeles in the United States stayed with him as he lived there which would later influence on his then future In Search of Sunrise compilation.

On April 16, 2005, Disneyland Resort Paris who had recently inaugurated the Space Mountain: Mission 2, had invited Tisto to celebrate the launch of the ride by offering a live concert in Disneyland Park. Tisto performed a special remix of the Space Mountain: Mission 2 soundtrack, as well as many of his own tracks. Tisto's Space Mountain: Mission 2 concert also featured French deejay Bob Sinclar, the park would re-open for Tisto's fans so they could stay for the 3 hour concert. A sculpture of Tisto was placed behind a turntable where Madame Tussauds visitors can mix Tisto's music together with the man himself and he also won and Edison music award in the category Best Dance. The Dutch national football competition is the most viewed programme on Dutch television, Tisto is the first potential artist to become an inspiration to the programmes directors which created a tune based on his performance in the Olympic Games. The tune "Match of the day" was played in all football stadiums before each match when the teams entered the field.