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England, Canada, Americа (еnglish speaking countries) - Курсова робота

This was the very beginning of what was to be the new type of warfare known as nuclear warfare. As the war progressed, the Allies became in need of supplies and the United States was there to provide for them. The United States became involved in World War II shortly and was also in need of supplies as well. (Giampaoli, "Women", 1) The effects of the war on the women turned out to be good for them because it opened up many opportunities for them, although bad for the males because many of their jobs had been taken. Due to the opportunities seized by the United States and taken advantage of, the effects World War II had on America were overall positive. The "Duck" was used in D-Day and other amphibious operations in the Pacific. The Americans also invented a water and land vehicle called "the DUKW, nicknamed "Duck"" ("Weapons", 487). Roosevelt's New Deal helped relieve some of the problems during the Great Depression ,it was not what saved the economy of America, "America's real savior was World War II. This vehicle eliminated the changing between boats and land vehicles. " Many people have credited the efforts of Franklin D. As Rex Boyland put it, "World War II brought the United States out of The Great Depression. (Giampaoli, "Arms", 2) The war had created a "wartime economy that had given women more freedom than they had ever had before.

3.4.The Making of the USA

Two main challenges met by the American people are the building of a democratic nation and the policy of imperialism that U.S. applied in order to assert its authority all over the world. The Revolutionary War and the Constitution opened the way for a great surge of nation-building, since the Americans' goals at that moment were national liberties. Besides, the written Constitution set up the principles of separation of powers and Federalism which created a true national government. We will also see how the Americans could achieve their dearest goals such as, national liberation and free enterprise based on recurrent values like democracy, manifest destiny and the feeling of superiority. Moreover, these values in turn have defined the American national identity and a sense of unity making the Americans feel that they are a special nation capable of overcoming the most challenging situations. In spite of this, the United States still has to deal with some unresolved conflicts such as, racism and economic unequality.

To begin with, the building of the nation started with the American Revolution (1775). The goal of the war was national liberation.

The protection of life, liberty and property were the same Americans' goals as they had been in 1776. Therefore, the Americans' main goal was to put an end to a series of oppressions such as, taxes and coercive acts, that reduced them to slavery. Besides, their feeling of superiority led them to use the atomic bomb, playing with the idea of psychological power the bomb would bestow on the United States and , at the same time,it would intimidate the Soviet Union into making concessions in eastern Europe. Although the seed of democracy was planted early in the colonies through town meetings and assemblies which decided on local issues, it was not a complete democracy since only landowners could vote. The output would be a written constitution (1787) creating a true national government unlike any that had existed before.

Secondly, when the Americans declared the Independence in 1776, they were ready to devise a government strong enough to preserve order but not so strong that it would threaten liberty. The aim of this reconciliation was to ensure that there would be support for a strong national government from small as well as large states. Therefore the goal of northern Americans was freedom and the union of the whole country.

The second important challenge met by the American people is imperialism. Thus, once more, the United States was in search for influence and world power. thought that the Soviet Union was against the principle of a liberal capitalist world order, the Cold war took place . Besides, America had historically carried out expansionism through wars and purchases which resulted in the anexation of new territories and this policy was justified in terms of an important value always present in the Americans' minds: Manifest Destiny. Therefore, Wilson set out the American principles that foreign countries would have to stick to. ritish were conspiring to take away their tradional freedoms, so they sought to protect their liberties such as, property, the right to bring their legal cases before independent judges, the right to call their own assemblies, and the right to engage in trade without restrictions and to pay no taxes voted by a British Parliament in which they had no direct representation. " But in fact, he himself implemented segregation( He segregated federal buildings in Washington and there were no black officers in the army).

4. Ukraine and English speaking countries.

There is no denying the fact that not so long ago Ukraine had very weak connections with other countries in the world. But at present the situation has changed for the better. Ukraine establishes new relations with the countries throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the members of the United Nations Organisation and participates in the work of many international organisations.

Ukraine has wide relations with English-speaking countries such as Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada. In its international activity Ukraine follows the universally accepted standards and principles of the international law and acknowledges the priority of human values. One of the main principles of the Ukrainian foreign policy is its openness, predictability, and adherence to the civilized rules of conduct in the world arena and in the international relations. One of the main partners of Ukraine are English-speaking countries. These countries are the major source of potential new technology, hi-tech products and foreign investments for Ukraine. Foremost among them stand Great Britain with the largest economic, financial, production, market, and scientific, technological and military potential. The agro-industrial complex, power engineering, aerospace industry and heath care is priority areas of Ukrainian-British co-operation. Certainly Ukraine has diplomatic relations with all these countries. It means that they have ambassadors in Ukraine and we have Ukrainian diplomatic missions in these countries. We have some joint political projects. Scientific co-operation is also very important because Ukrainian science is very good but it has not enough money for experiments. We have joint projects for space exploration with the USA, Canada and Great Britain. In future Ukraine will launch some space rockets from Canadian territory. Speaking about cultural exchanges I must admit that they are very intensive too. Besides we have wide relations with these countries in education. We exchange students and teachers. It's common knowledge that tourism is very popular nowadays. And our country also has wide relations with many countries in this sphere too. I must say, that we have special relations with the USA and Canada because there are many people who are Ukrainians by origin. So there is a Ministry for Diaspora in Ukraine that solves the problem of relations between our country and Ukrainians abroad. As you can see Ukraine became as equals with world community and develop t

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