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Рольові ігри на уроках іноземної мови - Реферат

Як різновид ігрових, рольові дії органічно пов'язані з роллю - головним компонентом рольової гри - і складають разом з нею нерозривну основу, сутність гри. Вони включають вербальні та невербальні дії, використання бутафорії тощо.
St. Valentine's Day
I 1. Виставка учнів, присвячена "St. Valentine's Day".
2. Карта Великої Британії. The map of Great Britain.
3. The flags of Ukraine, Great Britain, Ireland, England, Wales.
4. The white and red roses.
5. The drawing of the pupils "St. Valentine's story". A lovely joke comic.
6. Пісня "Hove you".
7. Sayings about St. Valentine's Day.
8. Магнітофон.
Т. Dear friends dear guests we invite you our holiday "St. Valentine's Day".
A. Proverbs:
1. Love conquers all.
2. When poverty comes in at the window, love flies out at the window.
3. Beauty lies in love's eyes.
4. Love me, love my dog.
5. Love makes the world go round.
B. Famous quotations on love:
1. Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi
2. Life is a flower for which love is the honey. Victor Hugo
3. Take away love, and our earth is a tomb. Robert Browning
4. At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. Author unknown
5. Who being in love is poor? Oscar Wilde
6. It is not only necessary to love, it is necessary to say. French proverb
February the fourteenth day It's Valentine they say I chose you from among the rest The reason is I love you best.
I have a little Valentine Shat someone sent to me It's pink and white And red and blue, And pretty as can be.
And in the centre There's a heart As red, as red can be! And on it's written All is gold "So You, With love from me".
I'm, a little Valentine,
Red and white,
With ribbons and lace,
I am a beautiful sight,
I can say, "I love you"
On Valentine Day
Just put me in your envelope,
and give me away.
І am a little letter
I'm a little letter, nice and fat.
Here is my address,
here is my stamp.
Drop me in the mailbox;
then watch me go
Sending my love
Around the glob.
How many Valentines?
(Стисніть пальці в кулачок.)
Valentines, valentines,
How many do you see?
Valentines, valentines
One for Father,
(Розігніть великий палець.)
One for Mother,
(Розігніть вказівний палець.)
One for Grandma,
(Розігніть середній палець.)
One for sister,
(Розігніть безіменний палець.)
And here is one for you!
(Складіть серце із великих і вказівних пальців.)
Р7. My love is like a red rose...
a) The Rose is a symbol of secret, silence and love.
b) The most popular day to give roses is Valentine's Day.
c) The largest rosebush is the size of a football field.
d) The buds of the smallest rose, "Si", are the size of a grain of rice.
P8. The rose is the traditional symbol of England. It became truly "royal" during the was of the roses. The war was between the royal house of Lancaster (whose emblem was a write rose) and the two combined - to create the Tudor Rose.
P9. Millions people in the world loved Diana, Princess of Wales, for her kindness. It was heartbreaking when she died in a crash in 1997. After they sang this song about her
...Goodbye England's rose From a country lost without Your soul...
P10. Do you know that people we roses to make perfume? But not only that! Just imagine - you can make jam, jelly and candy from roses! You can chew - rose petal to freshmen your breath. Also, you can treat sore throats with rose tea.
P11. What does it mean?
A white rose means
"You are so wonderful!"
A red rose says -
"I love you!"
A pink rose -
"Please, believe me"
Arose without thorns
means love
At first sight.
P12. Roses can be different colours. There are even black, blue and green roses! Can you believe that?
"A lovely joke" comic
- I made them for every girl in the class.
- What? A valentine card! He mocks us!
- We'll show you how to joke with love!
- I was wrong! Save me!
- I don't joke. This time...
St. Valentine's Story (a play)
Дійові особи
o Імператор Клавдій
o Св. Валентин Пара молодят Солдати, кат
o Дочка охоронця Оповідач
Сцена перша
Narrator. It was long ago. The emperor Claudius ruled Rome.
Claudius. I want to have a big army! But the men do not want to fight in wars. They do not want to live their wives and families. ...I have an idea! From now on men cannot marry at all.
Narrator. Young men thought the new law was cruel and unfair.
Valentine. Wait! Here's my dying wish. (Пише записку та віддає її охоронцеві.) Give this note to my friend.
Солдати уводять Валентина.
Сцена друга
Затемнена кімната. Горять свічки.
У кімнаті - священик та пара молодят.
Narrator. At that time there lived a priest. His name was Valentine. He did not like Claudius law.
He married people secretly.
Valentine. ...and now you're man and wife. I congratulate you on the happiest day of your life!
Чути шум і галас солдат, які наближаються.
Soldiers. I know where they are! - We'll catch them!
Valentіne. I can hear some noise Soldiers! They are going to catch us! Run away.
Солдати хапають Валентина. Молодятам вдається втекти.
Сцена третя
Narrator, So the emperor Claudius put Valentine in prison. He decided to kill him.
Valentіne. I'm not afraid of death. I think I did the right thing.
Narrator. A young lady often visited Valentine in prison. She was the daughter a prison guard.
Daughter. I bring you flowers many young people asked me to give them to you. They have also written you these notes...
Валентин читає записки.
Valentіne. They write that they believe in love too.
Daughter. They think you did the right thing.
Дівчина йде. Заходять солдати й кат.
Сцена четверта
Темно. Зі свічкою виходить дочка охоронця, на ходу читаючи записку.
Daughter. ...you helped me to hold my head up in prison. Thank you for everything you done for me! ...Love from your Valentine.
Narrator. It was the 14th February about 1800 years ago. People still re-member St. Valentine. Every year on this day they give each other special valentine cards. They express their feelings for the people they love.
The end.
Happy Valentines Day
Завдання. Поставте слова у правильному порядку та перетворіть слово Dear на слово Love.
Song "Happy St. Valentine's Day"
One, two I like you. One, two I like you.One two three You like me and I like you.
One, two I like you, One, two I like you. One two three, You like me and I like you (I do)
I like tigers, I like cats, But you're my Valentine. I like zebras, I like bats. You're my Valentine.
I like crocodiles, I like frogs,
I like dinosaurs.
I like dogs.
I like butterflies, I like bees,
But you're my Valentine
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
I like butterflies, I like bees
But you're my Valentine.