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Англійські тексти для переказів (10 текстів) - Реферат

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Англійські тексти для переказів (10 текстів)
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1. The visit of an unknown man.
2. The talk.
3. The decision to find out about the neighbour's business.
4. Visitor's successful attempt to find out my income.
" Key Words:
The first visitor; branch of business; particular; to appear ignorant; his customers; we began talking; presence of mind; to find out all about his business; my lecturing money; income from; nearly; any mistake.
A Mysterious Visit
After Mark Twain
The first visitor that came to see me was a gentleman who said he was an assessor, and connected with the U.S. Internal Revenue Department1.1 said
1 had never heard of his branch of business before, but I was very glad to see him. Would he sit down? He sat down. I did not know anything particular to say, and I asked him if he was opening his shop in our neighbourhood.
He said he was. (I did not wish to appear ignorant, but I hoped he would say what he was going to sell.)
I asked him, "How was trade?" And he said, "So-so".
I then said we would visit him and become his customers.
He said he thought we would like his establishment.
I do not know how it happened, but we began talking.
We talked, and talked, and talked - and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed. But all the time I had my presence of mind about me. I decided to find out all about his business - and thought I would have it out of him without his suspecting what I wanted. I would tell him all about my own business, and he would naturally forget himself, and tell me all about his affairs. I said:
"Now you never would guess what I made lecturing this winter and last spring?"
"No - I could not. Say seventeen hundred, maybe?"
"Ha! I knew you couldn't! My lecturing money for last spring and this winter were fourteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.
"Why, it is amazing - perfectly amazing, even this wasn't all?"
"All! Why, bless you2, there was my income from the newspaper for four months eight thousand dollars, for example?"
"Eight thousand! I'll make a note of it".
"There's my book, The Innocents Abroad - price from $3.50 to $5. Listen to me. During the last four months and a half, we've sold ninety-five thousand copies of that book. Average four dollars a copy. It's nearly four hundred thousand dollars, my son. I get half".
"My God! Fourteen - seven - fifty - eight - two thousand".
"Possible! If there's any mistake it's the other way.3 Two hundred and fourteen thousand, cash, is my income for this year if I know arithmetic".
" Proper names:
Mark Twain [ ] - Марк Твен
" Commentary:
1 the U.S. Internal Revenue Department - департамент податків і зборів США
2 bless you -нехай йому чорт
3 If there's any mistake it's the other way.- Якщо є помилка, то інша справа.
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1. The electronic toys for children and grown-ups.
2. The influence of video games.
3. Types of games.
4. The process of making such games.
5. Time and money needed for making games.
" Keywords:
At least; dangerous enemies; the electronic toys; space settings; prehistoric scenes; realistic situations; stimulate imagination; the idea for the story; to create; scroll horizontally; vertically; all in all.
Video Games
Everybody's tried them at least once. Sitting in front of a screen you can make cars go very fast or move strange little green men about as they escape from dangerous enemies.
You do it with video games, the electronic toys which are loved by young people and grown-ups alike. Some people prefer space settings, others prehistoric scenes or realistic situations in the present.
But excessive use of these screens can be bad for your health.
So, video games can be bad for you if you don't limit the time you spend in front of the screen. There are also educational video games. These can stimulate imagination or help with the study of history, geography and natural sciences.
Do you want to make a video game? If you like video games, you should know just how difficult it is to make one. Dan Harriett, of Acclaim Entertainment Inc., in New York, explains the process.
"Basically, it's like making a film. You start with the idea for the story. Then you have to create a storyboard. It includes all the different levels, the characters, the weapons. The storyboard also specifies if it's a first- or third-person game, and if the game will be horizontal or vertical, that is, if the image will scroll horizontally or vertically - or both. Then you are ready to start programming.
There are a lot of people involved1 in the programming process. When they think they have something that looks good, the editing process begins. Editing is a long process. There are many versions, before the editors feel like they have a playable one. "Then the game is given to the game analysts. Their job is to find all the mistakes". All in all, the process usually takes about 12-18 months. The total investment2, including development, programming and marketing, can be about 50-60 million dollars. But nowadays video games are more profitable than movies. "Mortal Combat", for example, recouped its $50-million dollar investment in one week. For the movie it probably took months, or more.
Proper names:
Dan Harriett [ ] - Ден Херриет
1involved [ ] - зайнятий, залучений
2investment [ ] - капіталовкладення, витрати
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1. A fur jacket in the shop window.
2. Hortense admires the jacket.
3. What happened next day.
Key Words:
Walking along; the shopping section of the city; a fur jacket of beaver; such an individual way; physical charm; took her friend by the arm; decided immediately; trading value; no idea; to purchase; a real beauty.
A Fur Jacket
After "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser
One day Hortense, walking along Baltimore Street near its junction with Fifteenth Street - the smartest portion of the shopping section of the city - at the noon hour - with Doris, another shop-girl in her department store, saw in the window of one of the smaller and less exclusive fur stores of the city, a fur jacket of beaver that to her was exactly what she needed to strengthen mightily her very limited personal wardrobe. It was not such an expensive coat, worth possibly a hundred dollars - but fashioned in such an individual way as to make her imagine that, once invested with it, her physical charm would show more than it even had.
Moved by this thought, she paused and exclaimed: "Oh, isn't that just classiest, darlingest little coat you ever saw! Oh, look at thosesleeves, Doris". She took her friend by the arm. "Look at the collar. And the lining! And those pockets! Oh, dear!" She was trembling with intensity of her approval and delight. "Oh, isn't that just too sweet for words?1 And the