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Yulia Tymoshenko - Реферат

nomination of Oleksandr Moroz from the Socialist Party of Ukraine as the Rada speaker and his subsequent election late on July 6 with the support of the Party of Regions, the "Orange coalition" collapsed. After the creation of a large coalition of majority, led by the former prime minister Viktor Yanukovych and composed of the Party of Regions, Socialists and Communists, Viktor Yanukovych became Prime Minister, and the other two parties were left in the wilderness. Whilst Tymoshenko immediately announced that her political force would form a shadow cabinet to the current government, Our Ukraine stalled until October 4 2006, when it too joined the opposition.[17]
2007 Foreign Affairs article
Tymoshenko wrote an article called "Containing Russia" in the May-June 2007 edition of the journal Foreign Affairs.[18][19] In the article she sharply criticized alleged authoritarian developments under Vladimir Putin and opposed the alleged new Russian expansionism. Consequently, the article irked Russia and more than a week before the article was published, Russia responded to the article, calling it an "anti-Russian manifesto" and "an attempt to once again draw dividing lines in Europe."[20]
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov wrote an article called "Containing Russia: Back To The Future?"[21] in the same journal which was apparently meant to bea response to Tymoshenko. He withdrew the article before publication, accusing the editors of changing his text and said his article was subjected to "censorship".[22]
2007 parliamentary election
Following balloting in the 2007 parliamentary elections held on September 30, 2007, Orange Revolution parties said they had won enough votes to form a governing coalition. As of October 3, 2007, an almost final tally gave the alliance of Tymoshenko and President Yushchenko a slim lead over a rival party of Prime Minister Yanukovych. Although Yanukovych, whose party won the single biggest share of the vote, also claimed victory[23], one of his coalition allies, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, failed to gain enough votes to retain seats in Parliament.
Nonetheless, it is expected that the Tymoshenko Bloc and the Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc, which is associated with President Yushchenko, will form a governing coalition.[23] Both parties are affiliated with the Orange Revolution. On October 15, 2007, Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense Bloc and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc agreed to form a majority coalition in the new parliament of the 6th convocation.[24]
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