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The Regions and Cities of Ukraine - Реферат

favourable geographical location and a developedtransport system. Highways run through the region.
The Rivne Region possesses a certain potential of the natural resources. They are: stones, limestones and other mineral building materials. Large deposits of amber are of a great importance. There have been discovered deposits of phosphorites, sources of mineral water and mud.
The surface waters of the Rivne Region include 170 rivers, many lakes and ponds.
Industry and agriculture take the leading place in the economy of the region.
Zhytomyr Region
Zhytomyr land is a beautiful, picturesque piece of north-western Ukraine. Its area is about 30 thousand square kilometres. Population reaches almost 1.5 mln.
The administrative centre of the region the city of Zhytomyr is more than 11 centuries old. Thousand years of history have also such towns as Korosten, Ovruck, Malin.
Owing to its advantageous geographical position, the region has good connections with Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Odesa, Kharkiv, Minsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, as well as with the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.
The region is rich in natural resources. There are decorative stones, marbles, gems, raw materials for steel and constructing industries, limestone, brown coal, peat among them. Zhytomyr Region supplies the whole of Ukraine with the titanium concentrate and exports it too. The region is the first in Ukraine for the wood. Almost one-third of its territory is covered with forests and woods.
In agriculture along with the production of grain and beans, sugar beets, milk and meat production, the region is in the first place in the country in the production of hop, flax and chicory. The industrial basis of the regional economy are its machinebuilding and machine tools factories. The region has great capacities in the industrial ceramics production.
Private sector is expanding more and more in the region's-industry. Foreign trade is an important part of the development of the region.
Sumy Region
The Sumy Region is located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. It borders on Kursk, Briansk and Belgorod Regions of Russia in the north and east, and on Poltava and Kharkiv Regions of Ukraine in the north and south-east, on Chernigiv Region of Ukraine in the west.
The majority of population are Ukrainians. The Sumy Region was founded on the 10th of January 1939. There are 15 towns in this region.
The Sumy Region is rich in minerals such as oil, gas, brown coal, salt and others. 132 rivers flow through the territory of the Sumy Region. The largest of them are the Desna, the Psyol, the Sula and the Vorskla.
Thanks to favourable geographic conditions of the region, there is an opportunity for harmonic development of the region.
Main gas and oil pipelines are laid through the territory of the region.
As to the transport, loads and passengers are carried by railway and air. There are buses and trolley-buses in Sumy.
Cherkasy Region
The land of Cherkasy gave birth to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi who was destined to become the leader of the nation which was surviving difficult times and who was the first to lay the foundation of Ukrainians' own state.
A great deal is being done on the territory of Cherkashchyna to restore the historical past, to bring back to the people the names of our countrymen. They are Ivan Padalka, a world-known artist, Todos Osmashka, a writer, Vasyl Avramenko, a choreographer, and many others. The monuments and memorial plagues have been put up to commemorate their activities.
The place, to which Ukrainians from all over the world make a pilgrimage, is Taras Shevchenko Memorial sites: Zvenigorodska area and the sacred Kaniv Mountain, where the soul of the nation's spiritual father rests in its eternal peare.
Among the seven historical and cultural reserves, the world-famous Sofievka Dendrological Park in Uman is a real pearl.
Those ones in Cherkasy Region who work in the agrarian sector are changing their attitude to the economic reforms. In general, with regard to foreign investments into economy Cherkasy Region occupies the fourth place among the other regions of Ukraine. The most beneficial contracts were signed with the firms from the USA, Germany, France, Poland and other countries.
Chernihiv Region
Geopolitical situation of Chernihiv Region is of a rather peculiar character. Russian Briansk Region and Belarus Gomel Region are Chernihiv's old-time neighbours. The Friendship monument situated on State borders of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus is Chernihiv Region visiting-card.
Chernihiv Region is a "potato land", it is the land of flax growing and processing, the land of cattle breeding. It is also the land of "big chemistry", gas and oil, it is Ukraine's textile shop.
Though difficult economic situation of later years, life made them change their economic directions in some cases, and step backward in others. They managed to hold up economic recession in all spheres and to improve social situation.
The regional centre is divided into 2 districts: Desnianski and Novozavodski. There are 1200 rivers in the region. The main waterway is the Desna river. It is the only region in Ukraine that produces fire trucks, cord fabrics, pianos and several kinds of equipment for agrarian and industrial complexes.
The priority industrial branches are the food industry, the light industry, the fuel industry, the machine building industry and the metalworking industry.
Agriculture is an important part of the region's national economy.
Chernivtsi Region
Chernivtsi Region is one of the youngest in Ukraine. It was formed on 7th August, 1940, as a result of integration of the northern part of Bukovyna and the Khotyn district of Bessarabia into Ukraine.
The region is divided into 11 administrative districts. The ethnic structure of Chernivtsi Region is quite varied: Ukrainians, Romanians, Moldavians, Russians, Jews, Poles, Belorussians.
The climate is moderate continental. The region has deposits of mineral resources such as: gas, oil. Near the Dniester and in the basin of the Prut, there are large deposits of gypsum and limestone. The lands of Chernivtsi Region contain mineral waters.
Chernivtsi Region is unique in production of certain types of equipment for thermal power plants, oil-refineries, knitwear factories, and semiconductor instruments.
The main kinds of farming products of the region are grain cultures, sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, flax, milk, eggs, pork, beef.
There is a significant scientific potential concentrated in Chernivtsi Region. Chernivtsi State University, Chernivtsi Medical Institute and Chernivtsi branch of Kyiv Trade and Economy Institute offer higher education in a number of majors. There is also the institute of National Academy of Sciences of