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ГоловнаІноземна мова - Англійська, Німецька та інші → St. Nicholas is coming to town. (Позакласний захід у 5 класі) - Реферат

St. Nicholas is coming to town. (Позакласний захід у 5 класі) - Реферат

St. Nicholas is coming to town. (Позакласний захід у 5 класі)
A children's room. There are two beds and a small bed-table between them. It's bedtime. Two children, a boy and a girl are going to bed, Mother puts them in their beds, kissing them and saying "Good Night".
Mother: Good Night, my dear! Have sweet dreams! (She kisses her daughter). Sleep well, Roman, and don't be naughty. Maybe St. Nicholas will bring you some gifts tonight. (She leaves the room).
Having laid for some seconds, Roman opens his eyes raises his head and peeps under his pillow. There's nothing there. Roman looks sad. He gets up and tip-toes to his sister's bed. But as soon as he touches her pillow, Mary awakes.
Mary: Oh! What are you doing here, Roman!?
Roman: I just wanted to know whether you've got some gifts under your pillow. Because I have none.
Mary: And you won't.
Mary: Heard what Mother said? Naughty boys get nothing from St. Nicholas.
Roman:Am I naughty?
Mary: Of course you are!
Roman:Certainly not! I always eat my porridge. And I walk with our dog.
Mary: And do you help the mother?
Roman:Well… I have no time…
Mary: See? You won't get anything today.
Roman:You think you will?
Mary: Sure.
Roman:You always do. Is that your new doll, by the way?(He takes Mary's doll)
Mary: It's my doll! Don't touch it!
Roman:I also want to play with your doll!
Mary: But it's my doll! Play with your cars!
(The girl pulls the doll with all her might and starts to cry. At that moment some angels enter the room. The childre stop crying and fighting and watch the angels in surprise).
Angel 1: Hush, children! Don't be naughty!
Angel 2:You'd better not cry.
Children:Why? Whay's the matter?
Angel 3:St. Nicholas is coming to town.
Mary: St. Nicholas?
Roman:St. Nicholas?
Angel 1:Do you know who St. Nicholas is?
Children:Yes, we think so.
Angel 2:Do you know much about him?
Mary: I know that St. Nicholas was born in Greece in the end of the third century.
Angel 3:Oh, nice girl. You are so clever. You must also know that after the early death of his parents, he dedicated his life to Christ and entered a seminary.
Angel 1: At an early age, St. Nicholas was a Bishop in Asia Minor. His generousity towards the poor was legendary, and he was very fond of children. So, he became the patron Saint of children.
Angel 2:On the 19-th of December he brought children some gifts, like fruit, nuts, candies wood and clay toys.
Children:And what about us? Will we get any gifts today?
Angel 3:It depends on you. If you are kind to your friends and parents, if you study well, then you may get some gifts. St. Nicholas sees you when you are sleeping and ehen you are awake. He knows if you were good or bad. And he will come to you tonight.
(Somebody is knocking at the door.)
Children:Oh! Maybe it's him! St.Nicholas, come in!
(But a small devil suddenly appears and the children look very frightened and surprised).
Devil:Oh! What a cold! I'm frozen to the bones, and Isee nothing here. Let me come in. I'll only warm myself. I've lost all presents on my way. But I'm as hungry as a wolf, I'm very ill. I can hardly walk…
I ate all tasty things: sweets, nuts, oranges, pears, and bananas, and chocolates, and apples, and many, many cakes. And I think I will it these children too!
Angel 3:Oh, stop, you poor fellow! You lie too much! And where could you get all those presents? It's a crisis in hell, I know. And you can't eat even the rotten cabbage there.
Devil:That's why I'm going to beat these children, put them into cages and take with me.
(The children start crying. Their mother runs into the room).
Mother:Oh, dear, what has happened to you? Come up to me. I will hide you.
Angel 1:Listen, children! We must kneel and pray. Life is hard but one who prays much will be the winner.
Angel 2:Let's call St. Nicholas, who was sent by God to earth. He will make all children strong and healthy.
(Angels knell together with the children and say the prayer "Our Father". The devil steps aside and runs away).
In the name of Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Our Father, who are in Heaven,
Hallowed be Your name,
Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our traspasses
As we forgive those who traspass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For yours is the Kingdom, and the Power,
And the Glory forever. Amen.
(Making a cross): In the name of Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
(Children hear a sweet melody):
Children: It is St.Nicholas! St.Nicholas is coming to us!
St.Nicholas: Ukrain has prayed! The words of prayer reached Heaven. The stars in the sky sparkled so brightly. It must be so, because you grow quite kind and sincere, and faithful, generous and clever to make your parents glad and happy. I know, that you can pray well, and you pray every day. But do you know what holiday will come soon?
Children:Of course, we know! It's Christmas!!!
Roman:We shall go caroll-singing on that day!
St.Nicholas: Oh! Nice children, as I see. Do you know many carols?
Mary: Yes, two or three.
St.Nicholas: How lovely! Nice children! And now let's see what things I have in my sack. Come up to me, Mary. Here is something special for you.
Mary: Oh! What a beautiful doll! It's even nicer than my old one! Thank you St.Nicholas!
St.Nicholas: Now you, Roman. It's your turn to get a present.
Roman:Wow! It's just what I wanted! Thanks a lot St.Nicholas!
St.Nicholas: Thank you angels for your help today. We must hurry now. Lots of children in Ukrain are still waiting for mr and you.
Angels: Oh, yes St.Nicholas, you are right! Listen! Can you hear the song? All Ukrainian children are singing it for you, St.Nicholas.
St.Nicholas: Thank you, children, for your lovely song! I'm coming to you! Good-bye, Mary and Roman! Be kind and polite, listen your parents amd study well. Then I'll come to you again next year!
Children:Good-bye, St.Nicholas! We promise to be good!
(St.Nicholas goes away, the children wave their hands.)