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30 тем по англійській мові - Реферат

sports ground. I also like visiting different sports events, for example, football matches of "Shahter" in Ukrainian championship. So, the world was full of enjoyable things to do.
On returning home I usually started to do my homework (perhaps, it is the most dull part of the day). Having finished it, I opened a book and read it or watched TV. At last, I went to the bed.
Of course, I would like to tell you more about myself and my working day, but, unfortunately, my time is rather limited and I have to do a lot of exercises. Generally, now you know about my working day enough.
*Places of interest in England
I have always dreamed to visit England. Imagine I am there. I came there by ferry. Speaking about sightsee of England Dover is the first that I saw. It impressed me greatly. Now I realise why the island is cold foggy Albion - because of it white cliffs of Dover. So London isthe next I visit. My dream came true. Trafalgar square with the monument to Nelson in the centre. A lot of people and I am happy but I must go on my trip. Just opposite it there is the National Gallery. Hermitage was real in my life but now I can't believe my eyes. Leo Greco, Salvador Daly, Gainsborough, Rubins and other outstanding masterpieces are in full view. Along White hall I direct my steps to Piccadilly. Every body knows that Downing Street 10 one of the main places of interest of the country because it is the residence of Prime minister. Piccadilly is place loved by everybody especially youth. Because it is the place of dating and no wonder - as statue of Eros is standing there. One of main buildings of England is Westminster Abby. On the other side Westminster palace is situated which is the place where parliament seats. Big Ban is next to it. It is something incredible. A lot of prominent people of England are burred at Westminster Abby. But one of the most wonderful places of interest in my opinion is Tower Bridge. I can't help speaking about two residences of Queen - Buckingham palace in London and Windsor palace out of it with its beautiful rooms and queen's galleries.
And Tower of London. I can speak about endlessly but I'll tell about one thing - the star of Africa, the largest diamond in the world. I am sure you wouldn't tear away your eyes out of it. And as for Madam Tusoe Museum I don't like wax figures, but I am sure somebody found a lot of masterpieces. Probably enough of this, next time I'll try to see something interest not only in London and its suburbs but in whole country.
*Places of interest in Ukraine
A visitor to Ukraine should start his sightseeing with Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the ancient city, which celebrated its 1,500th anniversary in 1982.
The most ancient building in Kiev is St. Sophia's Cathedral, founded by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1037. He meant to turn it into the cultural center of his Eastern Slavic state, but the Cathedral was also the place where the Kiev community gathered for assemblies, and where the Prince gave official audiences to foreign ambassadors.
The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the oldest monastery in Ukraine, owes its name to the numerous caves which were used as dwellings from pre-historic times. About a thousand years ago the caves were taken over by monks who set up a monastery there, and very soon the Lavra became a, major center for the promotion of early Russian culture.
The Golden Gate, St. Vladimir's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, Andriyivsky Uzviz, Kreschatik, these are the places of interest in Kiev which it's better to see once, than to hear about them many times.
The town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky is situated not far from Kiev and happens to be the third oldest town in Ukraine after Kiev and Chernihov. This town is a real wonder and one cannot help admiring its 22 museums of all possible kinds.
Lvov is one of the richest towns in Ukraine for the number and value of historical and architectural monuments. It was founded in the 13th century by Prince Danilo Galitsky, who named the town after his elder son Lev. A relic coming down to us from that period is the Church of St. Nicolas (late 13th c.), which is the oldest church in Lvov. The highest point of the town is the hill High Castle, where a mediaeval fortress bearing the same name is situated, and from which one can see the whole town with its beautiful churches, cathedrals and other historical monuments.
It is claimed that anyone who has ever been to the Crimea wants to return there again and again. The first written mention of the Crimea occurs in Herodotus' "History". One will be affected by the ruins of ancient Roman, Byzantine and Genoese fortress as well as by the Swallow's Nest, Vorontsov's Palace and Park, Armenian church, to say nothing of its gentle sea and beautiful mountains.
*Special Ukrainian Dates
There are special dates and events in the life of Ukraine that are memorable to every Ukrainian citizen. They are Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, Women's Day, and Independence Day.
The first special date in the Ukrainian calendar has to be 6th January, Christmas Day. Until recently this day wasn't recognized by the government and indeed was even prohibited. Nevertheless, it has always been celebrated within homes, especially in western Ukraine.
A new date to add into the calendar is February 14th, otherwise known as St Valentine's Day. This day of lovers has always been popular in western European countries and has now reached Ukraine. On this day people with romantic interest in each other should give presents and flowers. It is also an opportunity to tell somebody you art-interested in them if they do not already know!
International Women's Day falls on March 8th, is like Mother's Day in Great Britain. This day is hugely popular with women in Ukraine as they receive flowers and chocolates from the men. Children give their mothers presents, or send them postcards.
One of the most exciting holidays for families is Easter. It could fall on any Sunday in April or May and full of lovely traditions which the whole family become involved in.
Eggs are boiled and then painted brightly in different colors. Very special sweet Easter bread is baked, full of raisins and sultanas. Often people will take food like the eggs and bread to be blessed by a priest on Easter night.
Everybody gets two days off work for May Day on 1st May. This political holiday represents the solidarity of workers and very often red flags are flown on the many buildings.
Eight days later on 9th May is Victory Day. There is always a military parade involving all the people who took part in World War II. All the old uniforms are worn with the original medals. Their