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30 тем по англійській мові - Реферат

halls. Piccadilli Circus is the heart of London's West End. In the West End there are wide streets with beautiful houses and many parks, gardens and squares.
To the east of Westminster is the East End, an industrial district of the capital. There are no parks or gardens in East End and you can't see many fine houses there. Most of the plants and factories aresituated there.
Speaking about London, you must keep in mind that it is the city of contrasts.
*My attitude towards studying a foreign language
A person who has a good command of a foreign language fells at ease not only in his native country but abroad, too, if he finds himself there. I know this on my first hand. Here is a familiar quotation of Johnson's: "Language is the dress of thought", and the knowledge of two or more languages will help us to "dress" our thoughts better still.
Learning foreign languages is especially important nowadays. Some people learn foreign languages because they need them in their work others travel abroad, for the third studying languages is a hobby.
Every year thousands of people from our country go to different countries as tourists or to work. They can not go without knowing the language of the country they are going to.
English is one of the world languages. It is the language of progressive science and technology, trade and cultural relations, commerce and business. It is the universal language of international aviation, shipping and sports. It is also the major language of diplomacy. Hundreds and hundreds of books, magazines and newspapers are printed in English, most of the world's mail and telephone calls are in English. Half of the world's scientific literature is written in English. English is spoken by more than 350 million people. It is the official language of the UK, the USA, of Australia and New Zealand, it is used as one of the official languages in Canada, the South Africa. Millions of people study and use English as a foreign language. In our country English is very popular. It is studied at schools, colleges and universities.
Learning English is not an easy thing. It is a long process and takes a lot of time and patience. But to know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated person. I want to know English because it's interesting for me to know foreign countries, their cultures and tradition. English will be of great use in my future profession connected with computers.
*My friend
I should like to begin my talk with a familiar quotation. It is a pity I don't know whom it belongs to. It runs as follows: "friendship is the wine of life". So to have a true devoted friend is a great luck.
I have a lot of friends. Some of them are my schoolmates, some are my neighbours and I have some whom I met a few years ago. But my close friend is Oksana. She is 16. Oksana is tall and pretty-looking girl. Her peaches and cream complexion suits her dark brown eyes. She has a nice nose that together with her wonderful hair-do and charming smile makes her face beautiful. She is a very fashionable girl. Oksana has a queenly carriage and the clothes she wears always look great and beautiful. But she is an attractive girl not only by her appearance, but also by her character and her inner world, because she is well bred, jolly and kind. She does well at school.
It is very interesting to speak with her, especially when she has fallen into the habit of reading a lot. She has read a lot of books and it doesn't matter for her what kind of book it is. She enjoys them all and the only thing that matters for her is that book shouldn't be dull but interesting. She says that the books are of great help at any time and they always must be at hand. Her idea is that it's more convenient to have a library of her own comprising lots of books than to try keeping everything in her head.
I don't like people who are bored at everything and who never make the slightest effort to be pleasant. That's why my friend is Oksana, the most amusing and cheerful person in the world. She is a sunny soul by nature and always takes the slightest excuse to be amused and to raise the spirits of the other people around her.
Oksana and I are good friends. I enjoy her company immensely. I highly appreciate our friendship. I think there are not many people, whom I'm so attached to. We are always ready to help and support each other and try not to quarrel. But when sometimes it comes to quarrelling we try to make it up at once. I think that our friendship is very firm and I've got a friend for all my life.
*My Future Profession
The right choice of profession is very important for the future of any young man. Sooner or later everyone has to make this choice.
My favourite subjects at school were English, Literature and History. I think my teachers were quite happy with my work that's why they invited me to participate in contests in different subjects. I'm considered to be best at Literatures, Ukrainian, English, History, Computer Studies though I specialised in history, since history was not only my passion but also a serious interest in life because I wanted to connect my knowledge of history and English with my future profession. I like to spend much time on history. I enjoy researching some historical topics.
So as far as I'm concerned I had no dilemma in choosing my occupation. I decided to take my entrance exams to the History department of Donetsk State University because I want to know history perfectly well. I think knowledge of history and foreign languages are necessary for my future profession. I have to admit that I'm very sociable by nature and it would be a pleasure for me to mix with many interesting people, to find out many new things, to become acquainted with different cultures of other nations of the world. Now I am a student of first course of historical department. It is pity but I don't know about my future profession. May be I'll come in politic or business, may be I will write books or do something else. I want to be useful for our country and make a valuable contribution to its development.
*My Hobbies
I have some free time not only on Sundays and on my holidays, but also on weekdays. And as soon as I have a spare minute, I devote it to my hobbies. Tastes differ. Different people like different things, different people have different hobbies. I have four hobbies, so to speak. They are reading, listening to music, computer and going in for sports.
As for reading, I enjoy it very much. And it doesn't matter what kind of book it is. It can be a collection of short stories, an interesting novel or a book of poems. I equally enjoy them all. But there's one thing that