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Rammstein - Реферат

Es ist hoffnungslos (It is hopeless)
Sinnlos (Senseless)
Hilflos (Helpless)
Sie sind Gott [break]
The last two lines above can be interpreted in three ways. "Sie sind Gott. / Los!" can mean "They are God. / Go!"; "Sie sind Gott los" can be translated as "They got rid of God;" while "Sie sind gottlos" means "they are godless". "Sie sind" could also be understood as the formal "you are" yielding three additional interpretations.
Movie and video appearances
Within only a few years of starting their career, Rammstein soon caught the attention of Hollywood for their explosive stage performances and energetic music. Directors David Lynch and Rob Cohen appear to be particularly strong fans; explaining why he set the first four minutes of his thriller xXx in a Rammstein concert in Prague, Cohen said:
I guess it was in 1997 I was going through Hamburg and I caught their [Rammstein's] show as they chased each other around with dildos spurting custard, the fire pots and all of that, this is a crazy band; they're very theatrical and exciting, but their music is very, very good and German; it's very interesting in terms of the energy it evokes. [4]
Till Lindemann, appearing over-weight for the video to Keine Lust.
Rammstein's movie appearances to date are as follows:
Release Date Film Song
February 18, 1997
Lost Highway
"Rammstein", "Heirate mich"
October 21, 1997
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
August 4, 1998
For the Masses
Wing Commander
March 30, 1999
Family Values Tour 1998
"Du hast", "B?ck dich"
March 30, 1999
The Matrix
"Du hast"
2000 CKY, Vol. 2
"Du hast"
How High
"Du hast"
March 12, 2002
Resident Evil
August 6, 2002
"Feuer frei!" (performed live on film)
August 23, 2002
Lilya 4-ever
"Mein Herz brennt (film-remix)", "Mein Herz brennt"
August 30, 2002
August 9, 2004
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
"Mein Teil"
See No Evil
"Mein Teil"
Rammstein's song videos also tie in quite closely with films as they frequently "quote" from movies, including Quentin J. Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs in "Du hast" and From Dusk Till Dawn in "Engel". "Du hast" is also a hint to Lost Highway from David Lynch. The video for Feuer Frei also contains many shots taken from the action scenes of xXx.
"Other bands play, Rammstein burns!" - Brixton, London, February 2005.
Till Lindemann performing Bestrafe mich.
Rammstein has achieved particular fame (not to mention notoriety) for its hugely over-the-top stage show, using so many pyrotechnics that fans eventually coined the motto "Other bands play, Rammstein burns!" (a quip at Manowar's song "Kings of Metal", which states, "other bands play, Manowar kill").
The heat is so intense that on occasion, people have been carried out of Rammstein concerts suffering from heat exhaustion, and lighting gantries have been seen glowing red-hot from repeated fireball hits. The variety of the pyrotechnics can be seen in a recent concert playlist, which includes such items as "Lycopodium Masks", "Glitterburst Truss", "Pyrostrobes", "Comets", "Flash Trays" and "Mortar Hits". The band's on-stage antics have included:
" Band members using head-mounted flamethrowers ("Lycopodium Masks", also called "Dragon Masks") while singing/playing (example: "Feuer frei!" video);
" Till Lindemann singing an entire song while on fire (example: "Rammstein" video); he now uses twin flamethrowers strapped to his arms;
" Simulated sodomy with Till using a dildo on Flake, that squirts liquid up to about four meters over the crowd (during the song B?ck dich);
" "Flake" Lorenz being led by Till Lindemann in full bondage gear during stage performances of B?ck dich (Only certain editions of Live Aus Berlin contain this footage potentially due to the arrest of both members at a June 1999 Worcester, Massachusetts concert);
" Exploding drumsticks, drums, microphones and boots;
" "Flake" Lorenz being roasted in a giant cauldron by a flamethrower-wielding Lindemann; (During the song Mein Teil)
" Rockets fired along cables strung above the audience;
" Spark-shooting longbows, drumsticks, boots and guns;
" "Flake" Lorenz destroying a keyboard in the style of Nine Inch Nails and The Who;
" Microphones, guitars and keyboards on fire;
" Band members surfing the crowd in a rubber boat[5]
" "Flake" Lorenz driving around on a Segway HT during "Amerika".[1]
Rammstein's shows have become increasingly elaborate since the first ones ten years ago, when their effects were confined to pouring kerosene around the stage and setting it alight. After some unfortunate early accidents the band took to employing professionals to handle the pyrotechnics; Lindemann himself is now a licensed pyrotechnician.
The band's costumes are equally outlandish. During the Reise, Reise tour they were wearing Lederhosen, corsets and vague military uniforms with steel helmets, while during the Mutter tour the group kept to the themes of the album artwork and descended onto the stage from a giant uterus while wearing nappies.
According to Kruspe, the on-stage wackiness is entirely deliberate (Rammstein's motto according to Schneider is: "Do your own thing. And overdo it!"). The aim is to get people's attention and have fun at the same time: "You have to understand that 99 percent of the people don't understand the lyrics, so you have to come up with something to keep the drama in the show. We have to do something. We like to have a show; we like to play with fire. We do have a sense of humor. We do laugh about it; we have fun... but we're not Spinal Tap. We take the music and the lyrics seriously. It's a combination of humor, theater and our East German culture, you know?" (The Grand Rapids Press, Jul 22, 1999).
[1] At the Metaltown Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden on July30, 2005, Till suffered a knee injury when Flake accidentally ran into him with the Segway. This caused concerts scheduled in Asia and Latin America to be cancelled.
Main article: Rammstein discography
Rammstein has released five full-length studio albums: Herzeleid (1995), Sehnsucht (1997), Mutter (2001), Reise, Reise (2004), Rosenrot (2005) and two live albums Live aus Berlin (1999) and V?lkerball (2006). While Herzeleid was well-received, Sehnsucht is widely regarded as Rammstein's breakthrough album. The production of the follow-up album Mutter was an experience fraught with difficulty for the band. However, the differences were resolved by the time Rammstein produced Reise, Reise.
The band's latest album, Rosenrot, was released on October 28, 2005. A number of songs that were left out of Reise, Reise for dramaturgical reasons make up the majority of the album, but a number of new songs have also been recorded. The band performed "Benzin", the first single from the album, at four shows in Wuhlheide Park on June 23-26, 2005, and four shows in the UK (Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff) in July 2005.
The band will take a timeout in 2006, and will record a new album in 2007. [1]
A new live Rammstein DVD, named V?lkerball, is to be released in October of 2006, with concert footage from France, England, Japan, and Russia, and as a CD as well. A special edition will have another DVD, with 90 minutes of documentary footage. There will also be a special suprise that comes with the special edition digi-pack.