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Практика перекладу: Механізм фінансування окремих робіт - Курсова робота

will prepare the draft decision
for the nearest meeting of the City Executive
Committee or Session of the City Council;
o One or several institutions have remarks or
basic disagreements concerning the decision
on the question. In this case the businessman
addresses the specified concerns and person-
ally visits this institution. After reconciliation
he/she then transfers the documents to the
Dominant institution representative for
preparation of the final decision.
The Policy of the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Parliament in the sphere of business activity became the decisive precondition for establishment of the PC. In particular, for the fulfillment of the President Decree dated 15th July 2000 "About activities for support and further development of entrepreneurial activity", Decision of the City Council dated 7 April, 2004 "About the Program of SME support in Ivano-Frankivsk for 2004", and following the Law of Ukraine "On
state support of SME" a session of the City Council of the 4th convocation decided to establish the Permit Centre in Ivano-Frankivsk.
During the preparation period of the PC establishment a draft law on permit system in the sphere of business activity was up for approval in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. At the same time throughout the country round-table meetings, and focus-groups for discussion the topic have been held. Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Parliament, the SCORPE, business-associations, and international technical aid projects participated at the meetings.
Resources needed for setting up the PC include:
o Premises
o Equipment: office hardware, telecommunica-
o Personnel for information-consulting sector
o Financing of trainings and study tours
The main results of the initiative are as follows:
o Development of a simplified - in terms of
time costs - system of issuing permits to bu-
sinesses in Ivano-Frankish City;
o A tested mechanism of a One-stop Shop for
simplification the permit system;
o Initiation of changes in current legislation and
drafting new legal acts in the sphere of busi-
ness activity on regional and national level;
o Creation of friendly political preconditions
for enterprise development in the city
o Acknowledgement of Ivano-Frankivsk initia-
tive by state bodies on national level and in
the other regions of Ukraine
o Dissemination throughout the country of Iva-
no-Frankivsk best practice of administrative
barriers decrease for enterprise development
Decisive factors for sustainability of the de-scribed model are the above mentioned political preconditions that urge for to searching new methods of improving the SME environment. In particular:
У законопроекті "Про дозвільну систему у сфері господарської діяльності" йдеться про запровадження системи роботи дозвільних органів за принципом "єдиного вікна".
The draft Law "On the permit system in the sphere of business activity" foresees the introduction of One-stop Shops.
The Permit Centre in Ivano-Frankivsk may be considered as a pilot project of One-stop Shops for implementation of the post registration procedures
The analytical report on survey of approving, permitting and licensing procedures to carry on business in Ivano-Frankivsk town, Yaremche town, Bolekhiv town (partially in Dolyna raion) and Horodenka raion, 2004 can be used as a template for replication in other regions, along with the following documents and activities:
o Analytical report on survey Monitoring Sur-
vey among SMEs in Ivano-Frankivsk town,
Yaremche town, Bolekhiv town and Horo-
denka raion, 2004
o Report on the Study tour to permit centers in
Kryvyy Rih and Kherson, 2004
o Memorandum
o Decision of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council
about establishment of Permit Centre
o Regulations of Permit Centre
o Scheme of functioning of Permit Centre
o Schemes of passing through permit procedures
The best practice model of the Permit Centre in Ivano-Frankivsk is ready to use in other regions of Ukraine. The following local peculiarities should be taken into consideration:
o SME needs;
o Willingness of officials for cooperation;
o Possibilities of involvement of international
donor organizations etc.
Permit Centre should function according the proposed scheme before the Law "On permit regime in the sphere of business activity" comes in force. Once the Law is approved, the model of Permit Centre may be used as a ready infrastructure for One-stop Shops, as foreseen by the Law.
The following key lessons are relevant to assessing the scope for deregulation and other types of policy measure to address problems with permits and licensing of SME activity:
o Much is still to be done. Deregulation of the
permits process has not yet been sufficiently
addressed within region.
o Recognise responsibilities -- much work in
this area can only be done at federal level. It is
important, therefore, to be realistic about what
can be achieved locally, and what types of solu-
tion may address problems most effectively.
o Assess costs of regulatory compliance by
SMEs. Careful review of regulations needs to
be carried out to assess the impact on SMEs,
as a precondition to design of new measures.
o Explore alternatives to regulation. Where
possible, alternatives to formal regulation of
SMEs - such as setting up a permit centre -
should be explored.
o Ensure effective coordination. Many different
departments will be responsible for permits
and regulations affecting SMEs. There needs
to be a clear process of coordination between
these departments to minimise the effects on
costs of compliance by SMEs.
o Manage enforcement procedures effectively.
Many of the problems faced by SMEs arise
out of the activities of bureaucrats enforcing
regulations. Stricter management and moni-
toring of their actions may minimise the
impacts of regulations on SMEs. In this
respect, a dedicated organisation such as the
permit centre may help to protect SMEs.
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