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Практика перекладу: Механізм фінансування окремих робіт - Курсова робота

submitted for adoption by central level institutions.
Actions of local government bodies within this sphere should not been ignored. In the regions prototypes of future mechanisms of permit regi-me simplification may be invented and tested. Later these mechanisms may be used as the basis for making changes in the federal level legal acts.
Best practices already exist in some regions of Ukraine. For example: the "Dialogue-centre" at Kryvyy Rih City Executive Committee efficient-ly provides consulting services in the sphere of business activity. In the "Dialogue-centre" busi-nesses may receive permits and approvals; a "Single Office" at Kherson City Executive Committee; a "Permit Centre" in Chernivtsi City.
With the purpose of choosing the most efficient in present situation approach to improvement of permit system on local level a survey of the permit system in Ivano-Frankivsk was undertaken. This was followed up by a study tour to successful permit centres in Kryvyy Rih and Kherson.
Having analyzed the data compiled by the survey of permits issuing institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk, having taken into account the manifested willingness of majority of permit institutions, having enlisted the support of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Mayor, and having studied experience of existing
mechanisms of simplification the permit regime it was decided to chose the 3rd approach "Introduction of mechanisms of One-stop Shops for permits issuance". The Project management together with the Ivano-Frankivsk City Mayor and the heads of permits issuing institutions decided about cooperation with a purpose of establishment a Permit Centre (PC) in Ivano-Frankivsk.
The main precondition for the establishment of a Permit Centre was the personal commitment of the Mayor to reduce barriers for entrepreneurship development in the city. On the Mayor's initiative a meeting with the heads of permits issuing institutions was convened. At the meeting a draft Memorandum about cooperation was presented, comments and remarks were collected. When the draft Memorandum was approved the date of its sign-ing at presents of representatives of business, public and mass-media was announced. The event of Memorandum signing was given wide publicity.
The Executive Committee of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council decided to implement, as a pilot project, an establishment of the Permit Centre. By the same Decision a Working Group was created for investigation the possibilities for simplification of business activity permitting. The vice Mayor was appointed as the head of the Working Group. Heads of relevant departments and sections of the City Executive Committee, delegated representatives of the oblast level permits issuing institutions, representatives of the commissions of deputies, public organizations and the Project "Im-provement of SME environment, Ukraine" form the Working Group (expanded).
The Working Group developed a draft Memorandum, a draft Decision about the PC, a draft Regulations of the PC, a draft Scheme of the PC's functioning, and some other legal acts. Later they were submitted for approval in accordance to the agreed times-schedule and following the obligatory procedure for passing the legal acts, determined by the Law of Ukraine "On main principles of regulatory policy in sphere of business activity". The Working Group acted according to the work plan, developed at its first meetings.
Having compared the information received by the survey of the permit procedure in the Project target raions with information directly received from the permits issuing institutions, the Working Group designed principal schemes of issuing of permits. Possible options for simplification of the present schemes in terms of time costs, responsibilities duplication etc. were elaborated at the meetings of expanded Working Group. In accordance with the new and improved schemes the Scheme of functioning of the PC is being constantly improved. Representatives of permit issuing institutions, employees of the information-consulting sector from the personnel of the City Executive Committee and the director form the structure of the Permit Centre. The Scheme of functioning of the PC foresees the following se-quence of operations of the information-consulting sectors employees, authorized representatives of permit institutions and businesses.
For receiving documents for permitting of any type of business activity a businessman applies to the information-consulting sector, where he is provided with comprehensive information about the documents needed and steps to be done by the businessman to get the needed permits. At that, the businessman is provided with the principal scheme of the order of getting visas, an order of examining a question about issuing a permit or approval. Besides that, the applicant receives information about the permit institution that makes the final decision about the permit. The information-consulting sector works every day, and representatives of permits issuing institutions are present in the PC two days a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
Having received the consultation, the business-man can present themselves to the relevant institution representative and give him/her the package (file-folder) with all the necessary documentation. The institutional representative will the prepare a receipt about the received documents, the date of reception, the date of the results consideration distribution, and also his/her contact data as the authorized person.
The representative of the body providing a permit will ensure the document's passage through the institutions as follows:
1. On the businessman's folder with documents the checking- list is attached, where the order and terms of the documents consideration are indicated. Further he transfers the folder to the first executor;
2. The first executor, having coordinated the doc-
uments according to his/her official duties,
transfers to the next executor. If necessary, into
the folder with documents the appropriate cer-
tificates, conclusions and other documents are
applied by the executors, and in case of the
non-agreement - the written conclusion has to
be provided. Each executor in the checking list
fixes the reception term of the documents and
their transfer to the next executor;
3. After the materials consideration through all
institutions, the folder returns to the Dominant
institution representative.
After the specified period the businessman will return for the results and they may be as follows:
o All institutions have given positive conclu-
sions and the applicant is approved;
o All institutions havegiven positive conclu-
sions, but the case requires the consideration
of the City Executive Committee or Session
of the City Council. In this instance the issu-
ing authority