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The system of government of great Britain - Реферат

Реферат на тему:
The system of government of great Britain
1. Britain is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. Queen Elizabeth II.
2. In theory the constitution has three branches:
- Parliament, which makes laws;
- The government, which executes laws;
- The law courts, which interpret laws.
3. Although the Queen is officially head of all three branches, she has little direct power.
4. Parliament has two parts: the House of Commons & the House-of Lords.
5. Members of the House of Commons are elected by the voters of 650 constituencies.
6. They are known as MPs or Members of Parliament.
7. The Prime Minister or the leader of the Government, is also an MP.
8. The prime Minister is advised by a Cabinet of about twenty other ministers.
9. Even if the Government changes after an election, .the-same civil servants are employed.
10. The House of Lords consists of Lords Temporal & Lords Spiritual.
11. The Lords Spiritual are the Archbishops, together with 24 senior bishops of the Church of England.
12. The Lords Temporal consist of hereditary peers, life peers & the Lords of Appeal or Law Lords.
13. Hereditary peers have inherited their title's.
14. Life peers are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the government for various services to, the nation.
15. Law Lords become life peers on their judicial appointments.
1. What kind of country is Great Britain?
2. Who is the Queen of Great Britain?
3. What Houses does the Parliament of Great Britain consist?
4. What does the House of Lords consists?
5. Are life peers appointed by the Queen?
Youth and the youth movement have became an important factor in the public and political life of our state. Youth are the future of each nation of each country. Our young people begin to take more interest in the home and foreign policy of Ukraine. All organizations for schoolchildren are not based in schools they unite young people of different towns or districts. The strongest youth organizations is "Students Brotherhood" it unites students from all parts of Ukraine.
This organization plays a very important role in democratic changes that are taking place nowadays. A group of members of this organization from different institutes and universities organized a hunger strike in Kiev in October 1990 and had a great influence over some decisions of the Ukrainian Parliament. Another youth organization is "Plast". This organization unites boys and girlsfrom the age of fourteen for purpose of education sports and culture. "Plast" educates its member to he faithful to God and Ukraiue. This organization was formed in Lviv in 1911 but from 1930 it did not function.
Now boys and girls are very active in newly formed "Plast" section. The independent Ukraine Youth League is very active in Ukraine too. It's members organize pickets Strikes and demonstrations. The such organization is an independent political cultural and sports league of young people, its main aim is to revive national consciousness among the Ukrainian youth.
There are some other organizations to protect and to maintain free and sovereign Ukraine.
6. What kind of country is Great Britain?
7. Who is the Queen of Great Britain?
8. What Houses does the Parliament of Great Britain consist?
9. What does the House of Lords consists?
10. Are life peers appointed by the Queen?
Mass Media
1. Mass Media are the press, radio also television.
2. Every day we read newspaper and magazines listen to the radio and watch TV.
3. Nowadays there are a lot of newspapers and magazines, radio stations and TV channels.
4. So we must be very selective and give preference to some of them.
5. Every one has his own favorite newspapers, magazines, radio station and TV program's.
6. As to me prefer to read the following newspapers also magazines.
7. It is necessary to mention that the newspapers may be: daily or weekly and as to the magazines - they may be weekly, monthly or quarterly.
8. The newspaper contain and give coverage of local (місц. home) and foreign affairs.
9. Their publications deal with the latest events and forecast for future.
10. They also touch upon cultural and sport news.
11. My parents and I subscribe to some periodicals.
12. Some newspapers and magazines we buy in kiosks.
13. I often listen to radio, especially in the marking before. I go to college. (leave for).
14. I prefer to listen … or … program's.
15. They broadcast news & music.
16. I also like to listen the weather forecast.
17. As to the TV we have a lot of channels …
18. I prefer to watch youth & musical program's.
19. And also like to see interesting films.
20. They may be feature adventure (пригод.) scientific (науковий), horror (жахи), cartoons and other films.
21. I like to see new program's, because they are very enjoyable and interesting.
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