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Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”) - Реферат

Реферат з англійської мови
Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia")
Shift, Puzzle, skin, lion, burial, lions, ideas, head, Puzzle, Shift, skin, coat, Donkey, Beasts, Shift, way, Apes, Great Lion, Aslan, ass, lion-skin, Puzzle, Shift, ass, things, sort, things, Puzzle, Pool, turn, way, Puzzle, Shift, river, Chippingford, oranges, bananas, Shift, Puzzle, Ape, thing, day, Chippingford, Puzzle, Shift, paws, tree, branch, time, house, needle, thread, pair, scissors, Ape, Dwarfs, ball, thread, stuff, cord, thread, mouth, cheek, bit, toffee, needle, lips, scissors, paw, tree, lion-skin, work. 74 14,7%
Same, we, it, I, you, who, you, you, your, you, your, we, this, you, I, I, that, it, I, other, that, I, what, you, himself, I, it, himself, me, you, that, you, you, you, me, your, I, you, you, me, I, you, I, I, everything, I, you, some, I, that, I, you, I, you, it, me, my, it, something, I, you, I, anything, you, it, that, I, you, what, you, they, any, I, you, you, something, you, it, he, he, he, his, he, himself, his, he, he, him, he, it, his, his, he, he, his, his, he, he. 98 19,4%
Said, belonged, ought, give, mean, are, know, do, see, do, start, getting, said, know, thinking, is, will, make, do, think, would, like, said, would, look, mean, might, think, is, say, should, feel, are, talking, said, scratching, do, do, think, would, be, went, dressed, do, said, stand, arguing, please, said, does, know, know, are, thinking, do, let, do, thinking, do, treat, treat, do, think, can, do, know, are, am, is, let, go, knew, would, do, can, have, comes, can, do, can, am, be, allowed, do, do, be, turn, turn, put said, tell, said, would, take, trot, see, have, am, tired, pleaded, are, said, want, warm, trot, would, be, is, said, would, go, was, went, shambling, reached, swung, chatering, grinning, went, found, was, had, taught, sew, put, was, bulged, were, sucking, held, took, came, got, shambled, squatted. 135 26.7%
All, dumb, wild, decent, all, strong, fine, warm, winter, wrong, respectful, like, like, good, better, better, fair, better, good, brisk, tired, cold, wet, brisk, market, alone, own, all, little, big, clever, thick, like, big, left. 35 6,9%
Even, only, rather, well, rather, solemn, about, up, now, about, why, why, as, why, why, when, never, about, well, of course, down, as, far, as, so, very, up, just, besides, up, today, then, as, of course, soon, as, sometimes, then, sometimes, there, how, more, so, that, out, as, then, down, across, down, so. 51 10,1%
Two, four. 2 0,4%
To, to, of, into, into, for, to, to, to, in, of, at, for, at, than, into, but, to, to, to, but, but, to, at, along, on, on, tiff, from, to, into, of, for, to, of, than, into, of, between, in, to, to. 43 8,5%
If, because, because, if, as, and, and, if, and, if, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, if, and, and, and. 24 4,8%
Not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not. 14 2,8%
The, the, a, a, a, the, the, the, an, a, an, the, a, a, the, the, the, a, a, the, the, a, the, the, the, the. 26 5,1%
Oh, oh, well. 3 0,6%
Total: 505 100%
Morphemic Analysis
(C.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia")
He, saw, at, once, that, body, be, too, long, for, Puzzle, neck, short, cut, good, piece, make, long, collar, the, head, sewed, in, between, shoulders, threads, on, both, sides, skin, under, chest, stomach, every, now, then, bird, pass, Shift, stop, would, work, want, see, he, but, matter, late, Puzzle, came, back, only, along, way, donkeys, do, any, oranges, bananas, very, tired, lay, down, come, try, your, valley, hard, new, coat, Shift, bother, old, that, skin, the, morning, think, all, day, long, while, walk, down, my, paws, can, hold, these, scissors, look, care, and, dear, sorry, horrid, love, splendid, me, please, stand, still, heavy, lift, end, tied, legs, tail, grey, nose, face, thought, open, mouth, real, moment, never, just, mistake, close, light, good, bray, noise, hoots, think, you. 127 78,9%
Looking, anxiously, doing, talking, trotting, plodding, patiently, beautiful, lovely, refreshing, working, hardly, pulling, pushing, puffing, blowing, wonderful. 17 10,6%
Tonight, unkind, someone, lion-skin, overhead, anyone, afternoon. 7 4,3%
Phrasel words:
Out of, used to, cut off, so that, tie up, look up, look at, at once, getting up, try on. 10 6,2%
Total: 161 100%
Semantic Analysis:
(C.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia")
Parts of human body:
head, shoulders, arms;
minute, two minutes, nights, days, moment, this time, hours, soon.
water, tree, road.
Parts of human body: 3 21,4%
Time: 8 57,2%
Nature: 3 21,4%
Total: 14 100%
Sentence Structural Analysis:
(C.S. Lewis "The Chronicles of Narnia")
Simple sentences:
Then they bound ropes round his ankles and his knees and his waist and his chest and left him there.
Presently the crowd of beasts broke up and began going away in different directions.
Some passed close to Tirian.
His back was very sore.
The sun went down and it began to be twilight.
"Lord King! Dear Lord King", said their shrill voices, "we are so sorry for you".
We daren't untie you because Aslan might be angry with us.
But we've brought you your supper.
Then the second Mouse climbed up and hung on just below the first Mouse.
The other beasts stood on the ground and began handing thing up. 10 41,6%
Composite sentences:
(29,2%) From where he was he could still see the little stable on the top of the hill and the Ape sitting in front of it. "I wonder what they've done to Jewel", thought the King. They looked at him as if they were both frightened and sorry to see him tied up but none of them spoke. Soon they had all gone and there was silence in the wood.
When it was almost, dark Tirian heard a light pitter-patter of feet and saw some small creatures coming towards him.
Then, in a moment, they were all standing up on their hind legs, laying their cool, paws on his knees and giving his knees snuffly a animal kisses.
They could reach his knees because Narman Talking Beasts of that sort are bigger than the dumb beasts of the same kind in England.
(12,5%) The King was so dizzy from being knocked down that he hardly knew what was happening until the Calormenes untied his wrist and put his arms straight down by his sides and set him with his back against an ask tree.
He could just hear the Ape's voice still going on and, every now and then, some answer from the crowd, but he could not make outthe words. The three on the left were Mice and there was a Rabbit in the Middle: on the right were two Moles.
(16,7%) What wormed him worst at the moment - for it is often little things that are hardest to stand - was that his lip was bleeding where they had hit him and he couldn't wipe the little trickle of blood away although it tickled him.
Then hours went past and Tirian became first very thirsty and then very hungry; and as the afternoon dragged on and turned into evening, he became cold too. Both these were carrying little bags on their backs which gave them a curious look in the dark so that at first he wondered what kind of beasts they were.
At once the first Mouse climbed nimbly up till he was perched on the rope that bound Tirian's chest and was wrinkling his blunt nose in front of Tirian's face.
Total: 24 100%