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Verb: the Category of Mood - Реферат

cucumber. If they drop on her, she says, she has no need to worry. If they do not mind their p's and q's while they are with her, it is necessary for her to bring it home 'to them that they must not tear other people's characters to shreds. If they want to make innocent fun of other people, it is quite another matter. If they send her to Coventry as a result of her attitude, well and good. She can grin and bear it.
(d) Change the sentences in the following passage, so as to convey that the fulfillment of the conditions expressed is almost or completely impossible.
E.g.: If Solomon conies back to earth again, he will find everything changed, at least superficially, with the exception of the heart of man. He will notice, for instance, if he picks up a newspaper, that all men are still liars. Indeed, he will be enormously surprised if he finds any thing else to be the case. As he remarked some thousands of years ago, " That which is crooked cannot be made o straight." If he enters the divorce courts and listens to the divorce cases, he will find that model wives are as scarce as ever. And if anyone tells him with pride., that women can now be freed from bad husbands, he will murmur inconsequently, " Who can find a virtuous woman ? For her price is above rubies! " Should anybody ask him what he thinks of all the wonderful discoveries that have been made since his time, he will answer obstinately, " Is there anything whereof it may be said ' This is new ..." There is no new thing under the sun." But he will notice one new thing, just the same. He will observe, provided he gets the opportunity to mix with a few English families, that whereas in his day the women got their own way with their menfolk by diplomatically managing them, they now rule the poor males openly and brutally. And, unless he is more unobserving than I take him to be, he will draw consolation from the fact that a man need not, indeed cannot, any longer be saddled with a hundred shrewish wives at once, but can have them one at a time, if he is willing to spend sixty pounds or so in divorce expenses.
(e) Where possible, change the following sentences so as to convey that the conditions depend for their fulfilment either on chance or on consent.
E.g.: If I get a lot of money left to me, I shall start a newspaper. Supposing somebody realizes what good I can do in this way, and provides me with the wherewithal, the newspaper will be a sensation. What will you say if you pick up a newspaper that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If I get the necessary capital, and if I manage to find ten men or so who are incrable of lying, the success of the venture is assured. But it will be difficult to fulfil these conditions. Most people, including newspapermen, cannot undertake to tell the truth, even if they want to. For he is a brave man who tries to tell the truth to others, when he cannot tell it to himself. If you ever meet a man who can be perfectly frank with himself, you might introduce me to him. And if he wants to take on the chief editorship of my paper, I shall pay him an enormous salary. By pure force of truth, he will make the thing a success, even if I do not find any others like him to assist him.
1.Change Prose Passage (4) so as to make the sentences express conditions whose fulfillment is rather likely.
2. Classify the conditional sentences in Prose Passage (3) under separate headings, according to the class of condition expressed.
1. May John ruin his health and prospects? What would prevent him from being wild? What is there no doubt of? Will he get on in the world? What would be better for him? When is he game for anything? What cannot a young man expect? What does Jim make fun of? Why? What kind of life would be mere existence? What does he forget? If a man like that got over his folly, what would be the result? If you should see him, what ought you to do? What might you tell him? What might do some good? Unless we lay our heads together, what will happen? If he meets all attempts to help him with high words, what will be the result? What would it be difficult to expect anybody to do? Under what condition might it is possible to do something for him? Why must not he be surprised if people draw in their horns? If he keeps up in that strain, what will happen? What does he say would happen if everybody were to behave as he does? Under what condition would he be more impressed with my remarks? What is your answer to that? Would you condemn a little fun? How can a nation prosper? Under what condition may Jim pick quarrels with his best friends? If he sows his wild oats, who will reap the crop?
2. Under what conditions would Mrs. X. not have her attacks? How could things be different with her? Will she take the rest she needs? If her relatives were to press her, what would happen? What would aggravate her state? How could she get better? Would nourishment be of any use? What would she do from dawn to dusk? What does she say would make sick people more patient? What would be help? Does she think the servants would obey Mary? Under what condition would the servants obey Mary '?
3. Does Mary expect to catch the two thirty? Does she consider the unwelcome possibility of missing it ? How do you know? What remark does John make about last minute rushes? What did Mary say at the Waterlooinquiry office? What did the clerk answer? Did Mary ask John what he thought of it? And what did John answer? What does Mary think John might have done? What does John think might happen if they went to Victoria immediately? What does Mary tell John to do at the bookstall? What does John say at the bookstall? What did the assistant say? What did John answer? Why did Mary wish John would consult her before buying things? What suggestion did John ask to be allowed to make? What did Mary do then? What did she wail that John might try and do? If he didn't stop behaving like a bear, what would she do? Why did John cast an uneasy glance around? What did he say urgently? What did he suggest? Under what condition would they have been in Worthing by then? What was Mary's retort, and John's impatient answer? What did John reflect when he had to take a seat separate from Mary? What question did he ask the man passenger? What did the man answer? What did the lady reply when he asked her if she liked hiking?
4. What might you let me know ? If I had met a seer, what should I have done ? What could I have asked him ? What does it seem to me ? Under what condition can I go to America ? What reflex ion do I make about Columbus and Isabella of Castile ? What would it be interesting to know about Asia Minor and North Africa ? What is an interesting conjecture about the fate of the Greek Empire ? What might have happened if Luther had been a Dominican ? What should we probably not have had, in like case ? What about Japan? What reflection do I make about my right to vote ? Under what conditions would the Allies not have been able to win the war ?