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Revival of Ukraine - Реферат

Реферат на тему:
The Ukrainian people face their own history again. They renew forgotten names, traditions, customs and ceremonies.
A great holiday took place in August of 1990. It was the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Ukrainian cossacks in Zaporizhzhia where crowds of people gathered to honour the memory of their famous forefathers.
The Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine was adopted on the 16th of July, 1990.
We rose up from our knees. The democratic processes are taking place in this country, and we may openly discuss our political, economic, and cultural problems, honour our heroes.
After a long period of lime people learn the truthful history of their nation, open closed temples, sing forbidden songs, revive old customs and traditions. The victims of Stalin's repressionsare being exonerated.
The signs of national revival are seen in many places of our region. We can see national symbols everywhere: blue and yellow flags and tridents. Great attention is paid to learning the Ukrainian language at secondary and higher schools. Sunday religious schools are being opened. Many streets have been renamed after famous people of Ukraine. The society of the Ukrainian language named after Shevchenko, the genious of the Ukrainian people, has been organized in our town.
New churches, chapels are being built in the villages and towns, many crosses are being put up on the graves. All the western regions of Ukraine have become open to foreign tourists.