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The Quenn Mother - Реферат

make speeches without embarrassment. Their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1927, in which her own people skills warmed many surprised republican hearts, was a triumph and a turning point in his career. The country also delighted in their two children, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, whose upbringing was more influenced by the warmth of the Strathmore than the rigidity of the Windsors - though the eight-month-old Elizabeth was left back in London for six months during the Australia tour.
Their great crisis, and greater opportunity, came when Bertie's brother David, then King Edward VIII, abdicated after only 11 months in December 1936.
Bertie never wanted the crown and was ever more distressed because he felt the abdication had imperiled it. His early days as King George VI were miserable. But his stolid sense of duty, coupled with Elizabeth's warmth and shrewd sense of the public mood, turned out to be a potent formula, quickly put to theultimate test of a world war. Pressed to evacuate the princesses to Canada during the blitz, Elizabeth refused. She practiced shooting with a rifle and revolver in case the Germans tried to seize the royal family. Six bombs hit Buckingham Palace in September 1940. The King saw the roaring plane coming and pushed his wife to the floor, after which debris started falling around them. She turned the close call into a source of enduring public affection. "I am glad we have been bombed," she said. "It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face."
While the palace mostly abided by food rationing, serving Spam and sugarless cakes on silver plate, the Queen eschewed rationed clothing as she energetically toured factories, slums and blitzed cities. Instead she chose to look like a decorous movie star. She said later: "People stand for hours waiting to see me, even in the rain. They do not want me to look like the mothers in Windsor High Street - that would be unfair." She plunged into the crowds too, the first royal to do the "walkabouts" now commonplace. She has that quality of making everybody feel that they And they alone are being spoken to." It was her finest hour, "the hopeless, wonderfully impractical clothes in pastels and in high heels stepping through the debris, but being very practical," says her biographer Ann Morrow. "People of a certain generation will never forget that."
She would never again have the same kind of central public importance. The country reverted to a less demanding peace, and more importantly, her husband's death from lung cancer in 1952 meant the powers of state and the public's attention swung inevitably to another Queen Elizabeth. The Queen Mother searched for a role.
She moved into Clarence House and began a splendid, energetic, half-century "retirement" as a king of ambassador and national grandmother rolled into one. For 25 years she was Chancellor of the University of London, delighting in meeting students, going to their dances, drinking rough red wine with them until the small hours. She is patron of some 350 organizations and in her 90th year still managed 118 official engagements.
She lives in the highest possible style, with 50 servants from footmen to gardeners, ladies' maids to chauffeurs. She is still acquiring horses, her stable having won 440 races. She spends every penny of the $970,000 the British government provides annually, and many millions of her own - or her daughter's - besides, on artwork, flowers, her trademark couture and one of the finest tables in London that never skimps on the Hollandaise or the Jersey cream on fresh strawberries. She loves a stiff gin and Dubonnet too - or several. "Gin likes her too," says Morrow. "It hasn't the slightest effect on her."
She is widely loved because she has always been her true self. and that includes, underneath the flouncy hats, a shrewdness and determination that helped deliver the British monarchy into its next century.
Notch - перевалити, перейти
Boer War - бурська війна
Tumultuous - буйний
Feat - подвиг
Traverse - перетинати
Turbulent - буряний, неспокійний
Brim - криси капелюха
Tilt - нахили
Benign - добрий
Crucial - міцний захист
Commoner - звичайна, проста людина
Uxorious - що дуже кохає свою дружину
Earl - граф
Sampler - вишивка
Pursuits - заняття, справи
Raid - учинити набіг
Snitch - потягти
Outbuilding - флігель
Consume - з'їдати
Palmreader - ворожка по руці
Tease - дражнити
Aplomb - апломб
Reportedly - як розповідають
Stand in - заміщати
Show off - туману напускати
Coincidentally - за збігом обставин
Convalesce - видужувати
Tend - доглядати
Bedridden - прикутий до ліжка хворобою
Tough - важкий, повний нестатків
Natural - людина, створена для чого-н.
Strike - зустрічати на життєвому шляху
Fiancay - наречена
Debutante - дебютантка
Martinet - прихильник суворої дисципліни
Remote - байдужий
Stammer - заїкання
Ponderous - нудний, тягучий
Conviviality - веселість
Propose - освідчитися
Bosom - коло, лоно
Maladroit - незкарбний
Fit of rage - напад гніву
Appeal - приваблювати
Decency - порядність
Steady - робити твердим
Stutter - заїкання
Rigidity - суворість
Abdicate - відрікатися
Imperil - піддавати небезпеці
Stolid - безстрасний
Shrewd - гострий
Blitz - бомбування
Debris - осколки, уламки
Call - заклик
Enduring - тривалий
Abide by - твердо триматися чого-н.
Spam - консервований ковбасний фарш
Eschew - книжн. уникати
Slums - нетрі
Decorous - пристойний
Revert - повертатися
Chancellor - номінальний президент університету
Rough - терпкий
Footman - лакей
Skimp - скупитися
Stiff - міцний
Flouncy - оздоблений оборками
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