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The JAZZ Story - Курсова робота

of Benny Carter, approaching his
90th birthday, at the helm of the American Jazz Orchestra (an ensemble
formed in 1986 to perform the best in Jazz, past and present) both as a
player and composer.
And one may also take heart at the qualitative as well as quantitative
growth of Jazz education in this country, and the active involvement of so
many fine performing artist in this process.
No one can presume to guess what form the next development in Jazz will
take. What we do know is that the music today presents a rich panorama
of sounds and styles.
Thelonious Monk, that uncompromising original who went from the
obscurity of the pre-bop jam sessions in Harlem to the cover of TIME and
worldwide acclaim without ever diluting his music, once defined jazz in his
unique way:
"Jazz and freedom," Monk said, "go hand in hand. That explains it. There
isn't anymore to add to it. If I do add to it, it gets complicated. That's
something for you to think about. You think about it and dig it. You dig it."
Jazz, a music born in slavery, has become the universal song of freedom.
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