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Slang, youth subcultures and rock music - Дипломна робота

where you are if you don't have
any money
quiff a fancy hairstyle
randy horny
rave up a good party
readies cash
ropey flaky or dodgey
rozzer policeman
rug a wig; a toupee
rubbed the wrong way to upset somebody
salt a sailor
same to you with brass usually said in response to a derogatory
knobs on !! remark
sarnie a sandwich
scab a strike breaker
scallywag a mischevious person
scarper to run away fast, possibly avoiding
Scouser a native of Liverpool (see also Liverpudlian)
scrap a fight
scrubber a cheap or loose woman
shag to copulate
shake a leg to get a move on
shall I be mother ? shall I pour the tea ?
sheckels money
silly arse a foolish person
skivvy a domestic servant
slash to urinate
e.g. "I'm going for a slash."
smalls underwear
smart alec a clever person
snifter a drink of spirit
snog to kiss
snuff it to die
sod derogatory remark, derived from sodomy
soldiers bread cut into thin strips for dipping into
a boiled egg
so stick that in your usually said after a derogatory remark
pipe and smoke it !
sozzled drunk
spam a rather tasteless form of tinned meat
spanner a wrench
sparky an electrician
splice the main-brace to drink
spread a good meal; a feast
sprog a young child or baby, could also
mean illegitimate
spud a potato
squiffed drunk
stewed drunk
strides trousers, pants
subway an underpass
a pedestrian walkway beneath a road
swag stolen money; a thief's plunder
swing the lead a malingerer
swizz a swindle or cheat
swot somebody who studies
ta thankyou
Taffy a Welshman
ta muchly thankyou very much
Tandy Radio Shack
take French leave to leave without permission
taking the piss making fun of
tea leaf thief
terminus the end of the bus route
the smoke London
three sheets in the wind drunk
Tic Tac Man a bookmakers signaller
ticker the heart
tights pantyhose
"Time gentlemen please !" Usually said as the pub is closing,
so as to request that the patrons
finish their drinks.
tip a mess
e.g. "Your room is a tip !"
toff a posh person
tomato sauce ketchup
Tommy Rot nonsense
top sad extremely bad
torch flashlight
tosser see wanker
toss pot one who drinks too much
trainers running shoes
trollop not a nice girl
trousers pants
tube London Underground
tuck in schools it means cake, crisps,
sweets etc.
turf accountant betting shop owner
turn-ups trouser cuffs
turps turpentine
under the weather ill; sick
unmentionables underwear
vest a man's undershirt
wag a joker
wagging it to play truant
wallflower a woman who does not dance
wanger penis
wanker infers that the subject masturbates
weed a weak person
welly wanging the art of throwing wellington boots
white elephant a valuable, but useless article
willies, the nerves
willow a cricket bat
willy penis
wings fenders of a car
Winkle Pickers shoes with pointed toes
wireless a radio
wishy washy feeble; stupid
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