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Slang, youth subcultures and rock music - Дипломна робота

footy football; soccer
fuzz, the police
gamboll a somersault done on the ground
gamp an umbrella
gentleman's gentleman a valet
Geordie a native of Newcastle
gift of the gab being very free with speech
git an insult
e.g. "You stupid git !"
give it a whirl try it out
give someone the pip to get on someone's nerves
gob mouth
gobsmacked speechless
goes like stink very fast
good nick very good condition
gooseberry a fifth wheel
goosegog a gooseberry
go to the dogs to go to ruin
grass, grasser an informant
hang about wait a moment
hell for leather very fast
hols holidays
home and dry to be safe
hush silence
inexpressibles trousers
in good fettle in good health
in the altogether nude
in the know to have inside information
in the noddy nude
jam packed very full
jar a drink, usually a pint of beer
jelly jello
jerry a chamber pot
jerry builder a builder of unsubstantial houses
Jock a scottish person
Jonah a bringer of bad luck
jumped up to be conceited
jumper sweater
keep you hair on please calm down
kick the bucket to die
kissed the Blarney Stone a person who tells tall stories
knackered tired, worn out
derived from horses being taken to the
'knackers yard'
knockers breasts
leg it ! quick lets run !
legless drunk
like a rat out of a very fast
load of bollocks you're talking crap
utter nonesense
loo a toilet; a washroom
Liverpudlian a native of Liverpool (also see Scouser)
lorry a truck
man in blue a policeman
marmite a spread for sandwiches
me old cock my old friend
meat and two veg. male genitalia
mind your P's and Q's to be careful; to be polite
moggy cat
mom`s the word it's a secret between you and me
can be abbreviated to "Keep mom !"
money for jam an easy job
money for old rope an easy job
mother's ruin gin
mucker mate, friend
mucky pup someone who has soiled themselves
e.g. "You mucky pup !"
mug face
mutton chops side whiskers
nancy boy an effeminate male
nark a police informer
nightie a nightdress
nick prison; to steal
e.g "Hey, my bike's been nicked !"
nick, the prison
nincompoop a fool
nipper a young or small child
nippy (1) fast, or (2) cold
e.g. (1) "that car is nippy !"
e.g. (2) "it's nippy out today"
nix nothing
none too easy very difficult
e.g. "that exam was none too easy !"
nosey parker somebody who is nosey
not bad very good
not so hot not very good, awful
old man father
old girl mother
old lady mother
one in the oven pregnant, also "a bun in the oven",
"up the plum duff" and "in the pudding club"
on spec on chance
on the nod on credit
on the razzle dressed up and looking for sex
on the tap looking for sex
on your bike! go away!
out for a duck obtained a zero score
Paddy an Irishman
paralitic to be drunk
pavement sidewalk
pictures, the the cinema
pick-me-up a tonic
pie eyed to be drunk
pigs, the police
pigs breakfast a mess
pigs ear a mess
pig in muck somebody in their element
e.g. "he is as happy as a pig in muck"
pillock an insult
pinny apron
pissed drunk
pissed off to be annoyed
e.g. "I was pissed off !"
e.g. "He really pissed me off !"
The US replace "pissed off" with "pissed" alone.
piss head somebody who is drunk quite often
plastered drunk
e.g. "He's plastered !"
play hookey to play truant
plimpsolls childrens non-laced sneakers
plod police man/woman
plonk cheap wine
e.g. "This plonk's not bad !"
plonker (1) penis, (2) fool
e.g. "you silly plonker !"
plus fours trousers
ponce a homosexual
pong a bad smell
pooh pooh to reject an idea
e.g. "He pooh pooh'd my idea !"
pools, the a weekly betting game based on the outcome
of soccer matches; run by Vernons and
Littlewoods (and possibly others)
pratt an insult
e.g. "you stupid pratt !"
preggers pregnant
pudding dessert
pull a bird meet a woman; pick up a girl
quite often shortened to 'pull'
e.g. "Did you pull ?"
pull a fast one to fool or swindle somebody
pull a pint hand pump beer into a glass
pull a stroke to outsmart
pull the other one I don't believe you
short form of "pull the other one, it has
bells on"
pull your pud to masterbate
pumps running shoes
punter a customer
purse a ladies wallet
put a sock in it to be quiet
put the anchors on to apply the brakes; to slow down
put the boot in to beat somebody up
put the kibosh on to put a stop to something
put the wind up to scare
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