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Slang, youth subcultures and rock music - Дипломна робота

garbage bag
bin men garbage collectors
bint a rough girl
biro a ballpoint pen
bit of alright something highly satisfactory
black maria a police van
black pudding a sausage like foodmade from
- pigs blood
- oats
- fat
black sheep of the family a relative who gets into trouble with the
blag a robbery; to rob
blagger a robber
Blighty England
blimey ! an expression of surprise
blob a contraceptive
blotto drunk
blower telephone
blow your own trumpet to brag; to boast
blubber to cry
bobby dazzler a remarkable person or thing
bog a toilet, a washroom
bollock naked stark naked
bollocks testicles
bonce head
bonk to copulate
bonnet hood of a car
bookie betting shop owner
boot trunk of a car
boracic penniless
bosch a derogative term for germans
bovver trouble
bovver boot a heavy boot, possibly with a toe cap and laces
quite often worn by skinheads
bovver boy a hooligan; a troublemaker
brass monkey weather cold, taken from the phrase, "it's cold enough
to freeze the balls off a brass monkey"
breakdown van a tow truck
brickie a bricklayer
brill ! short form of brilliant, meaning fantastic
brolly an umbrella
browned off bored; fed up
Brummy a native of Birmingham
bubble and squeak fried cabbage and potatoes
bubbly champagne
bugger all nothing; very little
bumf toilet paper
this led to 'bumf' being used for superfluous
papers, letters etc.
bumming a fag requesting a cigarette
e.g. "Can I bum a fag from you mate ?"
Note: This has a VERY different meaning
in the U.S.
bunch of fives a fist
"button it !" "be quiet !"
caff a cafe
cake hole a person's mouth
cardy abbreviation of cardigan
champers champagne
char tea; a domestic worker
cheeky monkey a rude person
cheesed off bored; fed up
chin chin a drinking toast
chippy a fish and chip shop; a carpenter
chokey prison
chuffed very pleased or proud
clapped out worn out, broken
clappers to go very fast; to work hard
e.g. That car goes like the clappers !
e.g. I have to work like the clappers
to finish it by lunchtime !
clickety click 66 in bingo calling
clink prison
clinker somebody who is outstanding
clobber clothing
clodhopper a clumsy person
clogger a soccer player who tackles heavily
clot a fool
cloth-ears a person with a poor sense of hearing
cobblers testicles; rubbish
cock and bull a story with very little truth in it
cock up to ruin something
e.g. "it was a real cock-up"
e.g. "haved you cocked it up ?"
coffin nail a cigarette
conk nose
conkers a childrens game played with horse chestnuts
copper police man/woman
cough up to pay
crackers crazy
cracking great; fantastic
crackling a woman who is regarded as a sexual object
crate an old name for a very old plane
create to make a fuss or an angry scene
crown jewels male genitalia
crumbly an old or senile person
crumpet a desirable woman
dabs fingerprints
daft stupid
dark horse somebody who suprises others by their actions
des res Estate agents use this to describe a
"desirable residence"
dial face
dickie bow a bow tie
diddicoy a gipsy
dip a pickpocket
dishy good looking
do a runner to leave quickly avoiding punishment
doddle easy
dog's bollocks something really good
dog's breakfast a mess
donkey's breakfast a straw hat
doodah to be in a state of excitement
e.g. "He was all in a doodah !"
doolally scatter-brained; crazy
doorstep a thick sandwich
dosh money
doss house a cheap lodging house
dosser a tramp
do the dirty on to play a mean trick on
dough money
droopy drawers an untidy or sloppy person
drop a sprog have a baby
drum a house or flat
duffer a stupid person
dummy a baby's pacifier
earful to get a shouting
e.g. "My mum gave me a right earful !"
easy-peasy something very simple
earner a lucrative job or task
elevenses morning tea break
extracting the urine see "taking the piss"
fab fabulous; wonderful
face-ache a miserable looking person
fag cigarette
fag-end a cigarette butt
fairy a homosexual man
family jewels male genitalia
fanny female genitalia
fence a receiver of stolen goods
filth, the police
fishy about the gills looking the worse for drink
fizzog face
flake a stick that is made up of flaky
pieces of chocolate
flicks, the the cinema
flog to