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Теми по англ. за 9 клас (теми) - Реферат

Atlantic oscine & the Golf-Stream, a warm ocean current, the climate of GB is warm & damp. GB is a highly developed industrial country. It is known as exporters of iron & steel products, chemicals & navigation equipment. GB is a country with old cultural traditions & customs The most famous educational centers are Ox-ford & Cambridge universities .They are consider to be the intellectual centers of Europe. The education is not free it is very expensive. GB is a Parliamentary monarchy .The monarchy is one of the old English traditions. It has no power .The Queen of GB "doesn't rule ,but reigns" The country is governed by the Parliament, consisting of the Queen (or King) The House of Commons & The House of Lords, but government elected with the Prime Minister at the head. GB consist of 4 main parts: England ,Wales, Scotland, & Northern Ireland. The relief in the South & East is flat. Scotland &Wales are mountains & hilly. But the mountains are not high ,The highest one is Ben Nevis in Scotland. It is 1343 meters high. There are many rivers in GB but they are not long. Many of rivers are connected with each other by means of channels .The main rivers are: The Seven, The Themes, The Shannon & The Clyde.
№16 London
London is one of the world's most enjoyable cities It is a capitol of GB. Visited by the tourists in the million , the city offers them an astonishing variety of scenes .The city is situated on the river Thames. London can be divided into 4 main parts: The City, The East End, The West End & Westminster. London was founded 2000 years BC, so London has a very rich history & a lot of monuments of history. The most famous of them are: St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Tower of London & Westminster abbey. Westminster Abbey is a national shrine Where the kings and queens are crowned & famous people are burred. Founded by Edward the Confessor in 1055,the Abbey was a monastery for a long time The present building dates largely from the time of Henry III W ho began to rebuild the church ,a task which lasted hearty 300 years. The west towers were added in the eighteen centre. Since William I almost every English monarch has been crowned in this great church, which contains the tombs & memorials of many Britain's most eminent citizen .One of the greatest treasures of The Abbey is the oaken Coronation Chair made in 1300.The Abbey is also known for it's Poet's Corner. Craves & memorials to many English poets & writers are clustered round about. Londoners are there proud of their city with it's ancient buildings , monuments & architectural masterpieces.
№17 English traditions
Every country and every nation has it's own traditions and customs. It's very important to know traditions and customs of different people because It will help you to know more about the history and life of different nations and countries One cannot speak about England with-out speaking about it's traditions and customs. They are very important in the life of English people. Englishman are reputed to be cold, reserved rather haughtier people. They are nationally polite & they never tied of saying: "Thank you" or " I'm sorry". They are gently disciplined you never heard long talk in the straits. They don't rush for seats in buses & trains. English people do not shake hands when eating. They don't show their emotions even in tragic situations. Englishman are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. There are six public holidays a year in GB. Christmas day is one of their favourite holidays. It's celebrated on the 25-th of December. There are some traditions connected with it. One of them is to give presents to each other. It is not only children and members of family. It's a tradition to give Christmas presents to the people you work with. Another tradition is to send Christmas cards. & many other pleasant things. Another great holiday is Halloween. It is the day than all children dresses up in unusual costumes. this holiday selabrateted on the 31 of October.
№18 Russia
Russia occupy a large territory. It stretch almost 10 000 kilometres from east to west and nearly 5 000 kilometres from north to south. It's population is 150 000 000 million people.Russia develop for many parts: Siberia, Ural, European part & Far East. In Russia there are a lot of big cites in all it's parts. The capital is Moscow, it is situated in the European part. There is no over countries in which the climate differs so much from one part to antherThe climate is deferent in all reigns When it is still winter in the northern regions of our country the first warm days arrive in the southern the central regions snow storms & cold are still in power while in the south people begin to think of spring crops. In the same season nature looks different in different parts of our country. Siberia is a region of untold riches, & Ural is riche in different minerals .Russia is rich in oil, iron, gold, silver and other minerals In our country there are endless forests, large and small rivers from East to West. Country is washed by 12 seas of 3 oceans: Pacific, Arctic & the Atlantic Also I'd like to say a few words about the traditions of Russia. The names of Gzhel and Khokhloma are considered to be the symbols of Russia as well as matryoshkas and samovars. Now we celebrate the forgotten holidays-Troisa, Maslenitsa, Easter We again sing Russian folk songs and chastushki, dance Barinya and perform khorovods, ride in troikas Traditional Russian cooking is world-famous for such dishes as okroshka, shi, pelment, kvass. We begin to build & reconstruct churches.
№19 Moscow
Moscow is a capital of Russia & it is there big & old city, so in Moscow there are many tourist. They come to our city to acquainted with Russia. In our home there often comes my parent's friends from Francs ,Germany & we show them Moscow. At first every tourist how co-me to Moscow mast visit Red Square because it is center & hart of our city. There situated the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow .for example Santa Basils Cathedral erectedby architectures Postnik & Barma to commemorate Russia's conquest of The Kazan Kingdom in 1552 .Moscow is a political ,cultural ,scientific & education centers in Russia. In Moscow there are a lot of theaters ,museums ,galleries, universities. The greatest ,most beautiful & biggest one of the theaters is a Bolshow Theater. .It is famous all over the world. Pushkin's Museum of Fin Art & Tretiaykov Gallery the most big famous in Moscow. In Tretiaukov Gallery you can find pictures & drawings a great member of pianists all other the world, begin from icon & pectoris from Eugept to mordent pianists .A lot of exhibitions held there. Also in Moscow situated The State Moscow University It one of the best universities in Europe. Nowadays Moscow became a mordent city with wide streets with great member of restoring, clubs, cinemas & so on .At night Moscow is illuminate with many lights. Also now appeared big shops & you can see beautiful shop-windows in the greatest & biggest streets of our city. I think that our town very beautiful & as I know ,All tourists admired by it & I'm theory proud that I live in Moscow.