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Теми по англ. за 9 клас (теми) - Реферат

№1 Traveling
Many people like to travel because it is interesting, attractive & you can see new different places. There are few reasons why people travel. The first: they visit other counters for getting more useful information about this country, his nation, languages & so on. The second reason people travel for relax. Sometimes it is necessary to leave your house & have a rest. As usual people go trip in their holidays. I certainly like to travel too, because it is interesting for me to see new countries & places This summer I have been in Turkey in small town Marmaris. It is there pretty small town without any monuments & museums .It is situated in the southern part of Turkey in the Again sea. My parent's &I lived in a little hotel in the seashore. Every evening in the embankment a lot of small restaurants were opened & it was very pleasant to walk along the shore & breath fresh sea air. It was a lovely picturesque place. I like it very mach. But I wasn't impressed by it. I have more fan & relax in the Black Sea. I spend there only 2 days, but they leave in my memory more recollections that 2 weeks in Marmaris. In the morning I got up early for getting seashells but most of all I enjoy jumping over the waves .It was really impressive. But I began to miss my home other that I have so remarkable holidays in my life. Why people miss their homes? The home is the place where we live from day to day & we can not forget it. This place are always stayed in owe memory as the best & comfortable place in the world. All good recollections connected with it.
№2 Family
The word "family" is asocial with warm tender relations between members of the family. It is very important when there is understanding among people in the family an consideration fortress such relations became possible when people in the family show other terms with ea-ch other, do many things tougher tall joys survive troubles & living friendly. Loving people gives you felling of happiness. But nowadays young People think that family can not consist only on love & understanding. The causal position & celery are important too. When you ha-ve a good education you can easily find good work. Also if you have own flat It is easily to make family. Now Young people understand that to make a family is there sires step in life & they to do everything for make their future family happy. In our family the relations are very good & friendly. But certainly, like in every family we have quarrels specially between me & my sister, but they are very shot & soon we again live in peace. In our family relations are build on an understanding each other .I there live my parents. My mother is very kindhearted women she always help me & my sister to decide my problems. My father is kind too but some times he is strict But I most of all like my sister's character, we are there friendly because we alike. I & me sister understand each other earthward. My family help me to live & to understand the world around me. & I very thank my parents.
№3 Science
Science possesses a very great creative potential which lets the people explore the world. They exploring new territories ,Always ready to face the unknown We know a lot of people who de-voted their lives to scientific work. They were sure their work was carried out for the benefit to society. Science did a lot to improve the life of society. Among them Michael Faraday-English Physicist & Chemist, Tommas Edison the inventor of electric lights & hundredth & hundredths of other scientists .in the world every year held a lot of premiums for the achievements of the year in different directions in science. The main premium of Alfred Nobel. It appeared in1896 & it is steal the main premium for scientist. Nobel himself was a very good chemist & excellent linguist His greatest wish, however ,was to see an end to wars, & thus peace between nations ,& he spend much time & money working for this course until his death in Italy in 1896.His famous will, in which he left money to provide prizes for outstanding work in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature & Peace, is a memorial to his interests & ideals. There are scientist working for Good. For example Einstein devoted theories that gave birth to the atomic age. He realized that the atomic age put in-to man's hands a power greater than he had ever known. It prove that scientists work can be useful or determined all depend from person how make discovery.
№4 Tv
Many people have forgotten what the world was like before TV. But today it has become an integral part of our live. No can compare with TV as a means of information, entertainment & education. TV now plays such an important role in so many people's lives that it is essential for us to try to decide whether it is bad or good.On the first place TV is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a comparatively cheap one. For a family it is more convenient as well as cheaper to sit comfortably at home than to go out. They don't have to pay for expensive tickets to the cinema. All they have to do is to turn on TV and they can see political news ,football matches and films. TV, people often say, informs about current events & the latest developments in science and politics. A lot of good films, music programs have appeared recently on TV. We get to like watching TV so much that it begins to dominate our lives. Some-times, than TV set broke people suddenly found that they had much more time to do things. The most important thing which is really critiquing is poor quality of the programs and its harmful effect on children. For example the film " Natural Born Killers" teaches children to kill and there was one accident in France when a group of teenagers kill their parents. There are many arguments for and against TV.I think we must understand that TV in itself is neither good nor bad. TV is as good or as bad as we make it.
№5 или №20 Charecters
During our life we get in touch with many people. We all know a password: "So many characters, so many people "& it is a real truth. I have many friends & a lot of mats & among them there is no same character. Some of them very kindhearted & friendly some not so kind but they are try friends & always help me & their friends, but they are very cold or indifferent with other people. In every character there are good & bad treats As for me I consider fair, kind, friendful , try. I think that the-re are 2 sorts of kind people. The first sort it is really try ,kindhearted people always ready to help all people in the world other their causal position & other who only try to look kind & friendly people. But they friendly only with people whom such people interested in I hate such people because you don't know is they are really good or only want to look friendly & I can not believe them. Every character forms in society therefore in whatsociety person bring up such character he or she will obtain. Also I believe that Symbol of Zodiac is influence on the character. Every Symbol have it's own treats common for all people born under this symbol. For example I'm Libra ,in my Horoscope Says that in me there are 2 persons. & other