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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Реферат

Each of my day begins with questions about events that occurred before and during the night. Like my predecessors, I am compelled to seek answers to these questions, referring primarily to the intelligence community, since this is what prevents me and the entire nation on emerging threats, said the most important trends in the situation in the world. "

Then the President said: "The activities of intelligence is very important. The end of the Cold War," enhances the security of the United States, because it is intelligence, acting in many ways, helped to win in this confrontation, and certainly not by chance one of the fragments of the Berlin Wall is a monument to territory of the CIA. But this one, an updated world is full of dangers and, judging by the many events, it becomes even more complex and more difficult for a proper understanding of the processes. The Administration has an acute need for more active information on the development of ethnic conflicts, the growth of militant nationalism, the threat terrorism and proliferation of all weapons of mass destruction.

Accurate and reliable intelligence information is the key to understanding each of these problems and without taking difficult decisions verified on crises or long-term processes in the world. "

Brief details of the persons who headed the CIA

Roscoe Hillenketer.

Admiral. Since 1920, he served in the U.S. Navy. In 1932 he took part in the operation of U.S. forces in Nicaragua. In the 30's he worked in intelligence the United States Navy, then the naval attache in Paris. Participated in the howling is not against Japan. From 1946 re attach in France. In 1947 he was appointed director of the CIA held this post until 1950.

Walter Bedell Smith.

General. Since 1928, U.S. military intelligence. In 1942 - Chief of Staff to General Eisenhower on the Mediterranean theater of operations. In 1946-1949. - U.S. Ambassador in Moscow. Since February 1953 Deputy Secretary of State. Director of the CIA from 1950 to 1953.

Allen Dulles.

Scout professional. Younger brother of John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State in the Eisenhower. Most of his life devoted oss-_ 35 _ and then the CIA. Director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961 the first purely professional head of CIA covert operations.

John McCone.

Large bznesmen a multimillionaire. In 30 - 40-ies. - President of several companies. Director of the CIA from 1961 to 1965, was an influential figure in the last stages of the Kennedy Presidency. After retiring from the CIA became one of the directors of the American company "International Telephon & Telegraph".

William Reyborn.

Vice-Admiral. Since 1932, the U.S. Navy. In the last years of service in the Navy conducted a special program to develop submarines, armed with missiles "Polaris". After leaving in 1963, resigned, was appointed vice-president of a major military concern "Aerojet General Corporation", producing missiles. CIA Director from April 1965 to June 1966

Richard Helms.

Scout professional Helms ancestors on the paternal side emigrated to the U.S. from Germany. Father - one of the leaders of Aluminum consortium in America. In 1942 he enlisted in the Navy as a lieutenant.

In 1943, seconded to the CID. Since 1945, associated with Dulles, served as a resident in Western countries. One of the founders of the CIA. Supervised Special Operations Division since its inception. Director of the CIA from 1966 to 1973

James Schlesinger.

A government official in 1950 graduated from Faculty of Economics at Harvard. from 1963 to 1969 worked at the RAND Corporation, headed the department of Strategic Studies. Since 1969 - Assistant Director of the Budget Bureau. In July 1971 he was appointed Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, USA. A long time engaged in the research questions nat. security, politics and finance. CIA Director from February to July 1973 After leaving the CIA was appointed Minister of Defense.

William Colby.

Scout professional. Began service in the CIA from November 1950 under the "roof" the diplomat worked for the CIA station in Stockholm, Rome and Saigon. Then headed the Far Eastern Division in Lenlgli. In 1972 he became deputy director of the CIA on "Planning", ie immediate supervisor of service that U.S. intelligence all covert operations. Director of the CIA from 1973 to 1976

George W. Bush.

Businessman, politician. From 1942 to 1945 served as a pilot on an aircraft carrier. After the war, selling oilfield equipment. He organized an oil company in Texas. From 1966 to 1970 - Member of Congress. A 1971-1972 U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN. Director of the CIA from 1976 to 1977

Stensfild Turner.

Admiral. From 1971 to 1972, head of systems analysis in the management of the commander of naval operations. From 1974 to 1975 - Commander of the 2 nd Fleet, U.S. Atlantic Fleet and the shock of NATO. Since 1975 - The commander of NATO forces in Southern Europe. Director of the CIA from 1977 to 1981

William Casey.

Scout professional. During the Second World War led the operation OSS in the European theater of military operations. After many years practiced law on Wall Street, founded a number of companies, has acquired millions. From 1981 to 1987 - the CIA director, the first time in the history of American intelligence was elevated to the rank of a Cabinet Minister.

William Webster.

Lawyer and politician. Military service from 1943 to 1946 took place in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Since 1949, he graduated from the Faculty of Law. Washington, worked in a private law firm - until 1956, when he was appointed District Attorney (Eastern District of Missouri).

Since 1971 - District Judge since 1973 - a judge of the Federal Court of Appeal. In 1978 - 1987 gg. - Director of the FBI. In 1987

following the resignation on health grounds W. Casey, and the failed appointment of Secretary Gates, has been appointed director of the CIA.

Currently, the Central Intelligence Agency is headed by John Deutch. There is reliable information about near his bias.


"National Security Act of 1947 ... gave exploration a more influential position in our government than that which belongs to the exploration of any other government."

(A. Dulles)

"I am absolutely convinced of the need to preserve the CIA's capabilities for covert operations ... There is a definite foreign policy, which requires a secret activities."

(William Webster)

"I came to a deep conviction that we must maintain our exploration at the level of efficiency and continuously improve its effectiveness. We can not afford to weaken the CIA."

(George Bush)

"In our country there is a powerful and dangerous secret cult cult intelligence.

The meaning of this cult in achieving foreign policy goals of the U.S. government secret and usually illegal means ... "

(V. Marchetti)

"It's nice to hear about the competence and high professional qualities of the CIA and other intelligence agencies ..."

(J. Carter)

"Our government, like others, really taking action in the field of covert operations, in order to carry out foreign policy and protect our national security ..."

(J. Ford)

"... We Americans are working in intelligence, are proud of it and those improvements that we have made in this ancient profession."

(W. Colby)