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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Реферат

- Command of Naval Intelligence

- Intelligence and Security Command U.S. Navy

- Intelligence of the U.S. Marine Corps

III. The intelligence organizations within the U.S. civilian agencies

By the intelligence organizations of the U.S. civilian agencies include:

- U.S. State Department's intelligence organizations

- Intelligence organizations of the Ministry of Commerce

- Intelligence organizations of the Ministry of Finance of the USA

- Intelligence organizations of the Ministry of Energy, USA

- FBI intelligence unit.

1. Exploration U.S. State Department

The Office of Intelligence and Research Department of State (IDA).

Under the executive order number 12333 IDA provides a collection of open methods of information necessary to conduct U.S. foreign policy, and prepare and distribute intelligence information.

However, IDA is coordinating with the other members of the intelligence community to collect information, and is also involved in covert operations. IBA asks the State Department officials after their return from zagrankomandirovok to obtain intelligence information, IBA participated in the development of the National Intelligence Program USA.

2. Intelligence unit of the Ministry of Commerce's

- Department intelligence ties

- Department of Intelligence Agency to facilitate export operations

- Department assess the possibilities of foreign ex tailor management

3. Intelligence unit of the Ministry of Finance of the USA

- Intelligence Support Division is responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence information through the capacity of the Ministry of Finance, as well as coordinating with other organizations of the intelligence community.

Gather information abroad engaged attache Financial Officer of the diplomatic representation of the United States.

Under the executive order number 12333 from 1981, the collection of information is made public methods. Information is collected on the financial and monetary situation of foreign countries.

- Secret Service of the Ministry of Finance - provides protection to the President and Vice-President, members of their families, official guests of the government, the protection of government buildings and facilities. Service has 1,5 thousand employees, it has been collecting intelligence and counterintelligence information on all U.S. and foreign organizations and individuals who may pose a potential threat to protected persons and objects.

4. Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Energy

- The Department of Defense Intelligence Information Management for International Security Affairs - has its first intelligence apparatus overseas, but every employee in the Ministry of Energy, going abroad is obliged to return to provide a written report containing his collection of information to the Office of International Security Affairs.

According to the executive order of President number 12333 this department collects information on foreign energy, especially on the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy.

5. FBI intelligence unit - is the management of the FBI counterintelligence. It has a duty to obtain intelligence information, using all the tacit means at its disposal, both in the U.S. and abroad. It is not only the intelligence gathering of foreign nations, but also assists in collecting foreign intelligence information to other organizations of the intelligence community.

IY. Headquarters intelligence community or the Central Intelligence.

The coordinating body of all U.S. intelligence. It includes representatives of all U.S. intelligence agencies. The head of the headquarters director of central intelligence, who is ex officio director of the CIA. Director of Central Intelligence shall appoint Directorate. In the composition of the staff of Staff Intelligence consists of eight committees (service line), and several management teams.

The budget, the number of staff are published officially. In 1989 the budget amounted to 23,5 million dollars at the number of 224 persons.

Chapter 4 Legislation on intelligence

In the United States regularly published collections of regulations on the activities of the intelligence community.

In 1987 he was issued the next collection "Compilation on intelligence laws and relaited laws and executiwe orders of interest to the national intelligence community" in it - more than 100 existing regulations.

Principal regulations 11. National Security Act of 1947

This law was approved by the national security mechanism, consisting of the National Security Council, the Ministry of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The same law, Article 102 was established by the CIA, headed by the Director of Central Intelligence, and obey the National Security Council, whose function is to coordinate the intelligence activities of all intelligence units and the idea of self-exploration.

Later this law was supplemented by three new sections, each of which consists of a series of self-made laws.

Section 5 - it included 2 adopted normative acts

1. Act on the Supervision of exploration, which establishes the control of the President of the implementation of covert operations.

2. Act 1988, reinforcing the re-President of the Congress regarding covert operations.

Section 6 - Law on the Protection of personal exploration in 1982

The law prohibits the disclosure of any information on manpower and agency of the CIA, and provides for strict penalties, including a very long prison terms, for any disclosure by any person, including congressmen.

Section 7 - Information about the CIA in 1984

This law intelligence derived from the application of the law in 1966 on freedom of information. Any information on the exploration should be published after consideration by the CIA.

12. Law on the CIA in 1949

Basically the law concerns the regulation of financial intelligence, its official activities, it has sections on information security and the CIA have sections that provide a simplified procedure for the adoption of American citizenship by persons who helped the CIA.

13. Pensions Act 1964 the CIA

All employees of U.S. government agencies use general state budget funds, and for the CIA that law provides for special pensions.

15. Law on the National Security Agency in 1959

14. Law on monitoring the activities of foreign intelligence services in 1978

There is a whole block of the laws governing the activities of intelligence services - is annually adopted a law on appropriations for U.S. intelligence activities. In these laws, except the approval of the actual budget provision for any but vye norms - extend or modify the rights of members of the intelligence community.

Executive orders of the U.S. President.

In American legal theory and practice, these executive orders BOXIES regarded as a kind of normative acts of executive power, forming part of federal law and are binding for all, without exception, U.S. government agencies.

The most important of the executive orders of the President on the activities of exploration is the order number 12333 from 1981

He defined the composition of the intelligence community and the challenges its members.

Chapter 5 Conclusion

To date, the intelligence community had the structure described above, but now, in connection with the collapse of the USSR, the changes in Eastern Europe and other events worldwide, as well as in connection with numerous high-profile failures and scandals, prepared by the radical restructuring of intelligence.

But in any case, intelligence will remain the most important component part of the soup of the American state.

Speaking January 4, 1994 at CIA headquarters before hundreds of mines by U.S. intelligence, U.S. President Bill Clinton said: "The intelligence is unique in the mission. No one knows this better than those who have the privilege of working in the White House Oval Office. By transferring the deposit CIA your photo with autograph, President Truman made her such an inscription: "Central Intelligence Agency, without which it can not get the U.S. president, from someone who knows about this firsthand.