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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Реферат

- Office of Development and Design has been developing and operating large-scale technical systems for collecting information

- Office of radio intercepts - operates and maintains the latest equipment to collect and analyze information

- Logistics Management - develops and manufactures various operational equipment (means of cryptography, eavesdropping, covert photography, etc.)

- Information service on foreign radio listens and record foreign radio and television programs - National Center for deciphering materials aerospace exploration.

3. Information Analysis Directorate-head under the division of the entire U.S. intelligence processing and analysis of intelligence information and training outputs intelligence for the president, the National Security Council and Congress.

The main output documents of the Directorate are:

- Memorandum warning "- information about the threat of attack or maturing crisis that could escalate into a major armed conflict;

- The daily intelligence reports and a weekly report to the president, vice-president, secretary, defense minister, presidential adviser on national security and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;

- Daily review of national intelligence - is sent to 200 addresses;

- National intelligence estimates, containing an analysis and forecast of development of the most important problems.

The structure of the Directorate include:

- Office of Information Analysis by country, the former Soviet bloc

- Office of Information Analysis of European countries

- Office of Information Analysis for the Middle East and South Asia

- Office of Information Analysis of East Asia

- Office of Information Analysis in Africa and Latin America

- Manage current product and to provide analytical work produces information material of the Directorate.

In its structure there is a non-stop operations center tracking the maturing crisis situations that threaten U.S. security

- Management of scientific research in the field of armaments analyzes the technical aspects of weapons and space systems of other countries

- Management of global problems - is analyzing the economic, geographic and technological issues at the international level

- Office of Information Resources - provides information and referral functions, provides storage, retrieval and delivery of information, has a large fleet of powerful computers

- Manage the analysis of information on foreign leaders

- Department provide guidance and analytical work

- Department training assignments and assessments

- The Department of Arms Control.

4. Administrative Directorate - deals with recruitment for the CIA, training and retraining of personnel, ensures the safety of personnel and facilities of the CIA, has Cryptovox with residency, financial, health and economic services, develops and operates electronic information storage and retrieval of information.

The structure of the Directorate include:

- Office of Personnel

- Management training and retraining

- Office Safety

- Financial Management

- Manage storage and retrieval

- Management of computer equipment

- Communications

- Medical Management

- Commercial management

5. Planning Directorate - established in 1989 engaged in planning and coordinating intelligence, tracking new requirements for intelligence information in connection with "tumultuous changes taking place in the world, and the need for rapid response to them." The structure of the Directorate in the press coverage.

6. Office of the Chief Counsel. The department gives advice and monitor compliance with the Constitution, laws, Criminal Code and existing rules and regulations.

7. Department inspector general. The Inspector General is appointed by the President and approved by the U.S. Senate. He is accountable to the U.S. president and Congress, but must coordinate their activities with the Director of the CIA. The department has its own budget and personnel autonomous apparatus. Division conducts inspections and investigations of the CIA unit, investigates complaints of staff.

8. Division of Financial Audit - monitors all financial activities of the CIA.

9. Secretariat of the CIA.

10. Financial planning department.

11. Department of History of the CIA.

12. Division shifroperepiski.

13. Board of Review of publications about the CIA.

14. Office of Public Affairs or pressluzhba CIA - carries out liaison with community organizations and the media.

15. Liaison Office with the legislature - the CIA is responsible for liaison with Congress, particularly the Commission on Intelligence of the Senate and House of Representatives is preparing responses to congressional inquiries, arranges for their visit to the CIA, speaking to them, intelligence officers, etc.

II. Intelligence unit of the Ministry of Defense

These intelligence units include:

- The intelligence unit in its defense ministry

- U.S. Army intelligence unit

- The intelligence unit of the Ministry of the U.S. Air Force - the intelligence unit of the Ministry of the Navy

1. Intelligence unit of the Ministry of Defense:

- Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) - is engaged in military and strategic intelligence. U.S. President's Executive Order number 12333 on December 4, 1981 "The intelligence activities of the United States" at DIA assigned task: to collect and analyze information to the Minister of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, other units of the Ministry of Defense, as well as appropriate for non-military departments to implement coordination of all intelligence organizations of the Ministry of Defense. According to press reports the number of DIA is more than 6 thousand people, including 1 thousand people working abroad in the military attashatah.

At the DIA about 80% of all appropriations for the exploration.

DIA has a complicated structure. In its submission includes a number of educational institutions.

- National Security Agency (NSA) is a division of the Ministry of Defense, while working in liaison with the CIA. Under the executive order number 12333 NSA organizes and collects information through electronic surveillance, as well as the development of codes and ciphers. ANB has one of the largest in the U.S. centers for data processing, supply the most powerful computers in the United States. According to press reports the number of NSA personnel, including troops, more than 120 thousand people.

The agency serves about 2 thousand radio intercept stations located around the world.

2. Intelligence unit of the Ministry of the U.S. Army:

- Intelligence of the Ministry of the Army. The structure consists of intelligence departments of Army Staff in all theaters of war.

- Intelligence and Security Command U.S. Army. Its structure consists of Command Security and Intelligence U.S. Army (joints and parts of the U.S. Army) at the theaters.

3. The intelligence unit of the Ministry of the U.S. Air Force - Air Intelligence Agency, consisting of a central office (which numbered according to the press in 1988 amounted to 2,300 officers), and intelligence agencies in several theaters of military operations, and aviation commands, types of aircraft.

- National air and space exploration for the United States. According to press this administration budget exceeding $ 8 billion

- Command security and electronic warfare the U.S. Air Force, which according to press reports in 1983 were more than 10 thousand officers.

4. The intelligence unit of the Ministry of the Navy

- Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Naval units under his subordinates in the areas of operations of the fleets