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Horse-breeding in the Tambov Area(пошукова робота) - Реферат

for two-year trotters.
During the period before the war on Lavrovo stud farm was created the type of a trotter distinguished by the harnessry forms, pedigree, good top line, depth, strong dry limbs but which is a little craggy.
The hybridists of the farm were constantly selecting by the type and friskiness.
The big job of creating the famous trotters on Lavrovo farm was made by zootechnicians Y.N. Sarantsev (1920-1934), A.K. Brinken (the author of selection, which gave Podarok), V.N. Zhardetskiy, K.V. Voskresenskiy, R.I. Kalinin, who had been working here for 14 years and was one of the founders of line of Podarok. Also he was the author of the farm plan of line breeding in 1976-1975. On the racecourses the trotters of Lavrovo stud farm were driven to the victories by such jockeys as A.V. Zotov, A.A. Sorokin, N.R. Semichev, M.G. Chudnenko, V.T. Novikov, A.P. Kreydin, V.Y. Kochetkov.
To its 150-year jubilee the farm had 5 Derby trotters. These are Pobeditel 2.11,7, Vecher 2.06,7, Arzamas 2.06,4, Pervenets 2.00,4, Albom 2.03,9. In 1965 by the number of 2.10 class trotters the Lavrovo stud farm was on the fourth in the country, and on the second place in class 2.05. The first was the stud farm in Dubrovskiy.
However, the period of success was followed by the long period of decline. Mainly it could be explained by the fact, that the group of studhorses didn't have the appropriate stallions. Otprysk 2.09,3, Zheton 2.09,7, Zabiyaka 2.09 could not give a class horse in 60-es. And also the technology of breeding was inadequate. Thehorses were not supplied with high-grade forages as many natural pastures and the hayfields were ploughed up.
The new progressive stage of selection began in 1971 with the coming of standard breed stallion Low Hanover 1.59 (Bolshoy Star's Pride - Lynd Deen). From this outstanding studhorse the farm gained 253 horses. Among them are: Ligatura 2.04,2, Velonia 2.03,2 r, Lan 2.05 r, Ghilka 2.07, Leeter 2.04,4 r, List 2.04,9, Vlastnyi Zhest 2.05,5, Alt 2.06, Alzhir 2.07, Valezhnik 3.12,2 and other class trotters. Such intensive use of the studhorse for the insemination of mares with the dilute semen deserves attention of the horse-breeding experts.
The work with Low Hanover allowed to half-complete the dams group of the farm with his daughters and grand daughters and improve the average frisky parameter of dams on 3,6.
After the use of Minion 2.11 (Napor - Mudraya Poslovitsa) and Low Hanover in 60-es, the type of Lavrovo trotters was also changed. They became more blooded and dry, lost roughness of a head, became less massive but more vigorous and good-tempered.
The descendants of Low Hanover showed the high results in a 1983. His great-grandson Gopak 2.04,2 (Parket - Glubokaya) had become the sixth derby trotter of the farm when he won a Grand all-Union prize. The Low Hanover's great-grandson Lepetun 2.07,6 (Parket - Lesostep) won a Big three-year prize, and grandson Peak 2.03,8 (Kolchedan - Programma) became the winner of World international prizes (in Moscow) and "Villam" (in Hungary) and was the second in the Elite prize.
On January 1, 1984 195 trotters of 2.10 class and more frisky (the third place on this parameter after the stud farms in Dubrovskoe and Elyan) are brought up. 19 of them are of class 2.05 and friskier. The trotters from Lavrovo won 33 international prizes.
Conditions of creation and growing up of the hippodrome cracks in the Lavrovo stud farm.
Brood work.
The hybridists from Lavrovo had to work much to transform the motley brood structure into a valuable heart of the breed of Russian trotters. Half a century ago the average dams' measurements in Lavrovo were 154,8-154,7-173-19 and met the requirements only of the second class. Now there are 110 brood mares on the farm. Their measurements meet the standard of the breed and make 159,5-162,1-183,3-19,6 cm. Average friskiness of the main dams 2.15,2, of the horsing dams - 2.14,9. Almost all mares ranked as Elite class. With due regard on the farm they look at the growing up of the "self-repair": the age of more than 50 % of brood horses included in selection is less than 10 years. The duly use of young dams with high friskiness and good measurements, allows to select mares in time, both by the age and quality of posterity.
More than half of dams belong to the line of Volomait (through Low Hanover and Apex Hanover), 22 mares are from the line of Podarok, 14 - from the line of Trepet (through the daughters of Minion and Pavlin), 12 - of Nalim (daughters of Otprysk). There are several representatives of the lines of Gildeets and Scotland. The related to each other mares form the groups. The hybridists from the stud farm try to save the most valuable dams nests.
According to the selection plan the Lavrovo stud farm works with lines of Podarok, Volomait, Aksvort, Gildeets, Scotland. The line of Volomait was successfully developed on the farm through Kolchedan 1.58,8 r (Low Hanover - Kaleriya), born in 1967, and also develops through Parket 2.06,2 (Prolog - Prisma), born in 1972. The posterity of Kolchedan has made about 180 heads, including classy Peak, Lokon, Lukretsiy. Parket gave almost 100 horses. Among them are Gopak, Lepetun, Aprel 2.08. Zalet 2.04,4 (Lazutchik - Zaletnaya) from the line of Podarok was unsuccessfully used in 5 seasons, and he is excluded from the mating plan for 1984.
The work with the line of Gildeets was performed through Kolokolchik 2.08,6 (Konniy - Kolombina), but he also did not paid off and work with this line was terminated.
Two falls were received from Grand 2.04,8 r (Abrikos - Gugenotka), born in 1976; the line of Scotland. The youngsters of Grand are blooded but had not run on hippodromes yet. In this line the hopes were set on the all-Union prizewinner Bubnoviy 3.11,2 (Bill Hanover - Bastiliya), born in 1977, who just began to procreate offsprings on the farm. More than 20 mares were selected for him.
Almost for 10 years the farm had been working with the line of Nalim through Linkor 2.07,5 (Aprichnik - Lotereya), born in 1971. Though he gave Globus from Gubka, Lakolin from Luna, his use was limited since he transmitted to posterity the narrow underjaw. The work with this line was continued through Kropot (Charodei - Kreolka), born in1977. In cross-breedings with the lines of Podarok and Volomait and in remote in-breedings with grand daughters of