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Horse-breeding in the Tambov Area(пошукова робота) - Реферат

which is used for breed improvement of trotting horses almost in all countries of Western Europe, and also in Asia and America.
For the revirescence of beautiful Oryol trotter we are obliged to S. Kasimenko. It was him, who managed the farm and choose the dams for Burelom. In such selection the ancestry of dams is very important, down to their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers and even deeper into a family tree. All their features and qualities are taken into account. All was clear with Burelom, the son of distinguished Oryol trotter Lovchiy. Maternally his bloodline ascended to the famous stallion Zadorniy, who brought the first glory to Novotomnikovo farm of Vorontsov-Dashkov. But the mare Opora, born even before October revolution, was in declining years for horses and seemed to be not a suitable bride for young beauty Burelom. However Kasimenko took chances. As we mentioned, stallion Otboy was born from this unequal march. The careful godfather to him became A. Samoilov, who replaced Kasimenko in a 1934.
At firstOtboy didn't show anything special in posterity. They have from him just common trotters and dams not distinguished by high friskiness, only their exterior was faultless.
The farm decided to part with Otboy. He was sent to other stud farm. And here we should say thanks to A. Popov, who was the head of horse department during the Great Patriotic War. Popov decided to return Otboy in Novotomnikovo. But the new head V. Remizov received him there. Popov went to the front in 1943 and did not come back on farm, as well as other 36 workers of farm - hostlers, jockeys, foragers, tractor operators, smiths didn't return here after war.
Remizov had been working in Novotomnikovo till 1965, and in his time a new line in breed of Oryol trotter was born and appeared the new branch on his family tree. The grey colt Otklik came into being after Otboy and mare Konventsiya on Zaporozhye stud farm in 1952. Konventsiya had arrived on this farm from Novotomnikovo already pregnant. So all palms for a new line of Oryol trotter belong to the stud farm in Novotomnikovo.
The posterity of Otklik appeared to be marvelously quick. The stallions Vodovorot and Borets ran a mile for two minutes and four tenths of a second.
The interest to Oryol trotter has revived today all over the world. Horses from Novotomnikovo have purchased the stud farms of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, China, Germany, and Sweden. All America and Canada have got acquainted with troika of Oryol trotters, where the thiller was a trotter from Novotomnikovo farm. The millions of televiewers in these countries admired them. Many newspapers of Old and New World enthusiastically wrote about them.
The Lavrovo stud farm
The Lavrovo stud farm is located in Mordovian area of Tambov region and stands out against other trotting stud farms because of the achievements of its fosterlings.
Established by the good judge of horses V.P. Voeykov 170 years ago, the Lavrovo stud farm is one of "big fishes" of domestic trotters. Ii is the birthplace of the well-known grey Oryol trotter Lebed 5.44 (Atlasniy - Pobeda), born in1829. He is on the pictures of the artist N.G. Sverchkov and on the tapestry made by bondmaids from village Lavrovo. These things are kept in the museum of horse-breeding of TAA.
Till the end of 80-th the farm in Lavrovo kept the path of cross-breeding.
During the civil war the facilities were ruined, the horses were plundered. They could save only one mare Margaritka 2.16,1 (Fatalist - Binyonia), born in 1918, who later became a founder of dams family and was the great-grandmother of Pervenets 2.00,4. During the acquisition of the farm (1922-23) not only "Oryol-Americans" got there, but also the Oryol trotters.
Since 1930 all Oryol dams were excluded from Lavrovo stud farm. Together with mares half-breeds, which were brought on farm instead of Oryol mares, also came the studhorse Aloisha 2.14,2 (Aloisha - Kreolka) from the line of Peter The Great. There was started the line of Aloisha and the line of Trepet - together with Smolensk farm. In January 1935 from Aloisha and mare Paguba (the grand daughter of Peter The Great) appeared the red stallion Podarok 2.02,1; 3.09,4; 4.17.4 - the pride of Lavrovo and the founder of one progressive line in Russian trotter breed.
The important part in the stud activity of the farm also played then the lines of Iris (through Khorovod, Khor Kalinych, Interes), Nalim (through Lunatik and Otprysk), Aksvort (through Viktor Vorti, Vampir, Vzriv). The main was the method of cultivation "in itself" of the horses of desirable type using cross-breeding and in-breeding. The crossing with lines of Aloisha and Gildeets had become one of the bases of Lavrovo complex creation.
The returned cross-breeding was also applied with Oryol stallions for the improvement of horses exterior. The Oryol lines in remote ancestors are traced in the best horses of the farm.
Through the Oryol trotter Bunt 2.14.3 (Metsenat - Budushnost) the lines of Podaga and blooded Boyar were enhanced. The daughters of Bunt could be met in family trees of Vasilyok, Pervenets, Lazutchik, Pavodok, Vopl.
All-Union prize horse and founder of the line Podarok was selfed on Oryol trotters Zadornov and Petushok. His best get: the sons Pervenets 2.00,4, Pryatel 2.03,4, Lazutchik 2.05,6, Park 2.10,4, Vopl 2.09,2, Azot 2.06,3, Pereryv 2.07,6; 6.44,6, Lotus 2.09,9 and daughters Povilika 2.09,3 (the mother of Prologue 2.06), Aplikatsiya 2.14,7 (the mother of Atlas 2.07,6) and Atmosfera, Podarok gave with dams, who had the similar Oryol ancestors.
Only from Podarok the farm had more than 298 colts. 20 among them are of class 2.10 and even thriftier. The children of Podarok have won 17 international prizes: Priyatel, Pervenets and Lazutchik - 5 prizes each and Park - 2 prizes. No other stallion from our stud farms had such a successful offspring.
The all-Union records of Podarok were broken only 13 years later by his son from Masandra the Derby racer Pervenets 2.00,4 р; 3.11,4 р; 4.11,2 р; 6.52,3 who was born in 1949. Podarok also gave from Argentina the all-Union prizewinner Pryatel, born in1954 and the winner Lazutchik (from Lazur); born in1959.
On Lavrovo stud farm was brought up the all-Union prizewinner among two-year trotters Protalinka - 2.13,1 (Lucifer - Parallel), born in 1948. The prize of Protalinka is the standard